Google Searches for Resorts and Hotels Are Highest in Nearly a Decade – Fortune

The coronavirus pandemic gut punched the travel industry as people stayed home and businesses shut down. But as the number of vaccinations rises and lockdown restrictions lift, consumers are searching for vacation getaways in record numbers, new data suggests. 

Search queries for resorts and hotels in the U.S. are at their highest levels in nearly 10 years, according to Google data. The rise began in November, with searches for “resort” peaking on March 21 before declining slightly, and for “hotel” on March 28, before it also dipped, according to Google.

But people aren’t just searching for vacation spots, they’re booking them too, according to Henry Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst at Atmosphere Research Group. “It’s basically COVID revenge travel,” he said. “We’re sick and tired of being stuck at home. As more people are vaccinated, they’re taking to the roads and skies, and hotels are benefiting.”

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