On-demand Webinar: Revitalizing Your Revenue Management & Distribution Strategy

Poster for Webinar: Revitalizing Your Revenue Management & Distribution Strategy
On-demand Webinar: Revitalizing Your Revenue Management & Distribution Strategy

Jumpstart your revenue & distribution with strategic advice industry leaders STAAH collaborates with Tourism Malaysia along with renowned Hotel Associations and key players in the hospitality space to lead a discussion on COVID-19 recovery and revitalising properties’ sales strategies.

Join the group of leading hospitality and tourism professionals in the on-demand webinar that focuses on revitalising the revenue management and distribution strategy of properties in Malaysia.

The webinar was hosted by STAAH in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia, along with some prominent Hotel Associations in Malaysia – Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), Malaysia Budget Hotel Association, as well as IDeaS Revenue Solutions and Royal Chulan Hotels and Resorts. The webinar has proved to be one-off online platform for robust discussions on the recovery and growth of the hospitality sector in these unprecedented and unpredictable times.

The webinar replay is free for hospitality and tourism professionals with registrations, click here to register and watch the on-demand webinar.

Given the COVID-19 situation, the travel and hospitality industry are now witnessing one of their biggest crises with severe decrease in the number of bookings. Despite the uncertainty, we know that the world will travel again soon – and that how we travel will change significantly.

The on-demand webinar is specially designed to help hoteliers make more informed decisions about businesses and strategizing their online distribution. The focus of this platform is to share local expertise, know-how, beat practices – especially in the recent times and resources available for hoteliers to survive and thrive even in such challenging times.

While we wait for the world to slowly shift to a new “normal”, the only thing left to do is to carefully assess the current situation and prepare for what’s to come. This webinar will help you in taking the first step in that direction – don’t miss out!

Watch the webinar here.

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