Energy Contractors Across America Are Expanding Their Incomes Through the Energy Services Contractor Network

Energy efficiency has become a front-and-center issue for American business, schools and institutions.  On March 31, 2021, President Biden released a $2 trillion infrastructure plan that targets energy grid modernization, new energy efficiency projects, clean indoor air programs, and renewable energy programs as part of the Administration’s focus to achieve a net-zero emissions economy by 2050.

Energy contractors and professionals stand to benefit tremendously from these initiatives.  But many have seen their businesses struggle in the COVID-19 pandemic, squeezing some energy contractors into ‘survival mode’ and who now find themselves under-positioned to capitalize on these amazing new energy growth opportunities.

This is why Onsite Utility Services Capital (“OUS Capital”) launched the Energy Services Contractor Network. 

Through the Energy Services Contractor Network, energy contractors across America are able to access cutting-edge energy solutions, sales and marketing strategies and new technologies that help them successfully navigate – and thrive – through these new and challenging times in the energy efficiency marketplace.

“The market is changing rapidly – commercial, education, and municipal clients want their energy contractor to provide them much more than just the latest ‘energy equipment’.  And unless they change their long-term strategy, those energy contractors are going to lose clients and revenues to the competitors who are able to provide more,” says Fritz Kreiss, CEO of OUS Capital.  “The Energy Services Contractor Network helps contractors open up a whole world of new opportunities by giving them the tools, materials and support they need to instantly position themselves apart from all their competitors.”

Energy contractors who are members of the Energy Services Contractor Network participate in local energy audits, installations, service and maintenance projects, while working together with OUS Capital on cultivating more integrated client experiences.  Plus, OUS Capital provides network members with a state-of-the-art support portal that’s bursting with sales and marketing tools, education materials, and a deeply diverse technology solution library. 

“What energy contractors do right now will have everything to do with whether or not they thrive in 2021 and beyond,” says Kreiss.  “The world has changed, that’s obvious, and it’s time we as energy professionals adapt and thrive in a new value-first marketplace.  Energy contractors and professionals who are looking for proven, effective ways to win more customers and maximize their opportunities for growth and success owe it to themselves to consider joining our Energy Services Contractor Network right now.”

Energy contractors and professionals interested learning more about the Energy Services Contractor Network the can contact OUS Capital at 844-768-7227, email or can apply at visit

About Onsite Utility Services Capital
Since 1993, Onsite Utility Services Capital has been dedicated to unlocking the power of energy efficiency and clean indoor air for businesses, schools and organizations nationwide.  Through their innovative as-a-service solutions, they have a long track record of lowering energy consumption, reducing energy spend, providing safe and healthy indoor air, and increasing profits for their clients all across America.  They can be reached at