CheapOair Reports: Mature Market Travel Shows Signs of Recovery

According to the CDC’s latest information, 63.7% of American have now received the COVID-19 vaccine.   Not surprisingly, the highest vaccine adoption levels are in older age groups.  Persons 50-64 index 136 against their representative percent of population for vaccination; 65-74 index 170; and persons 75 and older index 164.  Overall, 86% of persons 65+ have received at least their first dose of the vaccine, and 75% of this demographic group in the USA are now fully vaccinated.

There are also positive indicators that US vaccination levels appear to be contributing to air travel flight booking trends.  According to CheapOair, flight bookings by passengers 55 years of age and older are trending solidly upward.  The OTA reports a 21% increase in 2021 year to date bookings as a percent of total for persons 55-64, and a significant 70% increase in the same data for seniors 65+.

Glenn Cusano, Co-CEO and CFO of Fareportal, the company behind CheapOair and One Travel comments, “We are watching industry trends, and our own booking data, very closely.  In addition to the mature market numbers, we are also seeing some interesting developments in US Domestic business travel activity. This sector has lagged behind leisure travel all year.  But since early May, business travel numbers have risen to a level on par with Leisure/Non-Family travel.  We’re still a long way from where we were in 2019, but it’s encouraging to see growth across multiple key areas.”

Indicators of a return to travel for seniors, and the business market are fueling increased optimism across the travel industry as the summer travel season arrives in the northern hemisphere.