Can Travel Platforms Find Ways to Regulate Themselves? – PhocusWire

A group of European technology platforms, including ground transport specialist Bolt, are part of a joint effort working towards “better regulation of platform companies.”

The aim of the European Purpose Project, led by the founders of Bolt, Delivery Hero, Glovo and Wolt, is to establish a “European model for platform work” with commitments and recommendations to governments.

The initiative plans to put together a code of conduct and is also inviting any interested party to share ideas on the future of platforms as part of a consultation process over the next three months.

The plan is for the code and “a playbook” of best practises for the platform economy to be published in September.

The European Purpose Project follows a Statement of Principles published last December by the same companies which include working for the good of the cities and environments they operate and being responsible users of technology and data.

Within this companies agree to proactively promote transparency of how algorithms work and the ability of users to control their personal data.

Markus Villig, co-founder and CEO of Bolt, says: “Platform work and the platform economy are the source for innovation, employment and economic growth. In order for these benefits to emerge, it is necessary to develop an ecosystem around these platforms that mirrors the essential European values.”

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