HSMAI Insights – Where the Staffing Crisis Lives

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HSMAI Insights – Where the Staffing Crisis Lives

Is the talent shortage hitting hardest at the unit or corporate level? Hospitality executives across functions – sales, marketing, revenue, digital, and assets – says it’s a little bit of both. Or in some cases, a lot.

The talent shortage was a major focus of HSMAI’s most recent series of virtual Executive Roundtable programs, with participants talking at length about the challenges of staffing back up after widespread furloughs and layoffs and the departure of hospitality veterans for other industries. We shared some of their insights in articles about the roundtables, which focused on chief sales officers, chief marketing officers, sales and marketing executives for hotel management companies, chief revenue officers for brands and HMCs, and chief digital officers for brands and HMCs, as well as for hotel asset managers.

In addition, we asked participants to further zero in on this problem by telling us: Where is staffing an issue for you and your company? The options for every group but one were the same: at the unit level, at the corporate level, at both the unit and corporate levels, and at neither level. For asset managers, the options were at the unit level, at the brand corporate level, at the HMC corporate level, and not an issue.

There’s no clear consensus among the answers we received, except that no one isn’t experiencing staffing issues at the unit level. Beyond that, the extent to which talent issues are being felt at the corporate level varies widely – although they deniably are being felt.

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