Economic Leading Analytic Rose in July

America’s economic Leading Analytic, eLA™, “rose 0.4 percent in July, a fifteenth monthly increase in a row for what’s next in the economy,” said Professor Evangelos Otto Simos, editor-in-chief, in comments made in the latest issue of the United States Leading Indicators Digest™.

Three of the seven predictive analytics that make up e‒‘s leading economic barometer, eLA™, improved in July: Manufacturers’ New Orders; Stock Prices; Technological Change in Factories.

Applying probabilistic predictive intelligence to model the most likely future scenaria and detect the level of risk involved on the timing business decisions are made by executives,  “…probabilistic thinking visualizes in July 2021 an estimate of 0% (nil) probability for an economic downturn in the near future,” Simos added.


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