Expedia Group Leads Travel Digital Ad Spending Spree – Travel Weekly

Travel companies have ramped up their digital ad spend levels over the course of this year, with Expedia Group ranking as travel’s top spender in recent months, according to data from digital ad intelligence platform Pathmatics.

Pathmatics reports that the overall travel category has more than doubled its digital ad investment since January, collectively spending approximately $480.6 million between May 1 and Aug. 20 alone. That spend was spread across various channels, including direct advertising, Google’s AdX and AdSense platforms and Verizon Media, among others.

Expedia outspent all other travel brands by a wide margin over that period, spending nearly $94 million.

The most popular site for travel advertising during the nearly four-month period was Facebook, which drew around $157.5 million in digital travel ad spend. Following Facebook were Instagram and YouTube, which each attracted approximately $95 million in digital travel ad spend between May 1 and Aug. 20.

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