Instagram: Is It for You?

A person holding a hashtag sign - Source STAAH
Instagram: Is It for You?

If you fancy bringing some of the 700 million users of Instagram on an Insta-Holiday to your place, then yes, it is for you. You can do wonders by doing very little on this visual and rich storytelling platform.

Here are a few tips for success on Instagram for your accommodation account:

1) Content Strategy

Put together a content strategy. You don’t have to – and should not – create everything yourself. Share the content that’s already been created. Create posts that prompt engagement. Visual content and videos on Reels (Short videos with music) can help you get potential guests.

2) Create Hashtags

Hashtags are key to success for any Instagram account. Get familiar with the hashtags and start using it while posting your property pictures. Hashtags on Instagram helps in search and keyword ranking. For example, #aucklandhotels, #uniquehotels, #goahotels, etc.

3) Invite Influencers

Influencers play a huge role in promoting and marketing the brands on Instagram. Accommodation owners can leverage Instagram influencers by inviting them to stay at their hotels/resorts/vacation rentals and help cross-promote each other. Identify and follow a whole bunch of influencers and guests. They will most likely follow you back.

4) Share & Repost

Instagram is a visual social media platform. It’s all about sharing reposting posts and engaging with followers. Share the love. Repost, comment…it’s all about engagement.

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5) Track your Competitors

Instagram works well with what’s trending, Spy on your competitors. Knowing what’s happening will help you stay on top of the trends and conversations. You could use similar promotions and posts to attract the audience to follow your Instagram account.

6) Tell Visual Stories

Marketing is all about stories that you tell. Share an engaging visual story, get behind the scenes. Show off your property with stunning videos. The more compelling your story, the greater the engagement you would drive and the better it performs on Instagram. Harness the powers of apps (many of them free) to beef up your images and videos.

This article has been taken from STAAH’s FREE e-Book on Digital Marketing Toolkit for Independent Hoteliers.