CBRE U.S. Hotels State of the Union Provides 2021 Mid-Year Hotel Performance Insights (PDF Download)

The latest edition of CBRE U.S. Hotels State of the Union highlights key industry indicators and outlook for the U.S. Hotel industry


• The occupancy recovery has flat-lined and RevPAR gains have lost some momentum as we head into fall.

• International travel restrictions continue to benefit U.S. hotels and the bulk of inbound travelers are now coming from Latin America, a meaningful change since prior to the pandemic.

• Despite record fixed investment, business confidence has begun to wane. This comes just as corporations large and small are set to embark on the 2022 budget season

• Search trends for both leisure and business travel have begun to soften, both on an absolute and on a seasonal basis. In addition, there has been an uptick in searches related to hotel cancellations.

• Construction inputs – wood, steel, labor, wages – are a material headwind to new construction and the pressures don’t show signs of abating.

• Despite labor cost pressures and shortages, Limited-Service hotels generated operating profit 154.1% GREATER in June 2021 than in June 2019

• The capital markets picture continues to improve. More lenders are entering the market, 30-day delinquency and special servicing rates are all in decline. It will be interesting to see if this trend holds as we enter the traditionally business-traveldependent fall season.

Click here ( Adobe Acrobat PDF file) to download the report.