Jump Off the Hotel RFP Merry-Go-Round – BTN

The ride keeps going round and round and up and down and never moves forward. I am talking about the corporate hotel RFP process and program. The time is perfect for stopping this ride and jumping off! 

There has never been a better opportunity to change it all. When Marriott announced that they would not go through an RFP season, my first thought was to let us take advantage of this opportunity to change how we buy.

Statistics show that 56 percent of business travelers want a more flexible travel policy, and 40 percent already book their hotels directly, according to a June 2021 SAP Concur/Wakefield Research survey. Millennial employees are the highest volume of travelers today, and Generation Z is coming in fast. Neither of these generations operate well under micromanaged programs. They want it mobile, easy, simple and fast. They want the company to trust them more and give them the flexibility to get the job done. 

It is difficult to save for challenging times when your market cost is so high. Think about it, every year, you spend months planning, auditing, implementing, managing and monitoring your preferred hotel program, rates and discounts. What if you could work “smarter” with your hotel partners and reduce this cost to manage on both sides? What if you could share in savings rather than try and “win” in negotiations?

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