August America's Monthly GDP Rose

US monthly GDP “rose to its highest mark in its 63 years history, according to monthly national accounts platform, America’s monthly GDP, maintained and updated for 752 months, from January 1959 to now, August 2021, which became history a few days ago” said Professor Evangelos Otto Simos, Editor-in-Chief. America’s real monthly GDP rose at a month-to-month annualized rate of 2.7 percent in August to a record high $19,564 billion, following an increase of 5.4 percent in July,” Simos added.

Today’s first estimate (flash vintage) of United States monthly˗GDP™ is based on early available from public and private sources factual, quantitative – not derived from opinion surveys – source data, including data from higher than monthly frequency (weekly, and/or daily), and segmented series to be aggregated at month-end; August numbers visualize that “…in the second month of the second quarter in 2021, US economy has experienced the weakest monthly GDP growth rate in the last nine months…”, quoted from today’s Monthly GDP Warp Digest.

For monthly frequency, introduced twenty years ago a monthly growth analytic, the annualized rolling three-month growth rate in monthly˗GDP™, modeled by number-science to perfectly synchronize the two frequencies, factoring monthly growth as the equivalent to traditional quarterly-data growth rate; in August the rolling three-month growth rate posted a reading of (+5.0%) in the three months to August 2021 from the previous period, three months to May 2021.

Applying probabilistic predictive intelligence to model the most likely paths in the business cycle from monthly changing economic conditions, probabilistic thinking offers measures of the risk associated with the timing (month) decisions are made for business opportunities by risk-loving executives; “…‘s analytic of probabilistic-thinking envisions in August 2021 a reading of 97 probability for United States economy has been positioned in its expansion phase of the business cycle,” Simos pointed out.

Monthly GDP at “today’s prices,” officially called nominal GDP, posted a reading of $23,367 billion in August; for doing business globally, it serves as a measure of the size of the USA market, commonly expressed as “…today America’s market of $23.4 trillion”.

In the inflation front, the prices of goods and services that make up monthly-GDP™, are aggregated in national accounting framework to an overall price index – GDP price deflator – which on a month-to-month basis rose by an annual rate of (+4.2%) in August. In other words “…inflation for what America produces, or what America buys, runs at a month-to-month annualized speed (rate) of (+4.2%). August’s inflation follows an increase in prices by an annual rate, month-to-month, of (+8.7%) in July….”, quoted from today’s Monthly GDP Warp Digest.

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