Northern Arizona University School of Hotel and Restaurant Management Offers New Graduate Certificate

HFTP strives to connect hospitality finance and technology professionals with the latest education and professional development opportunities. The association shares a new opportunity through Northern Arizona University (NAU)’s School of Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM), which is now offering an online graduate certificate in Hospitality Innovative Technology (HIT). This certificate will be awarded to students who are skilled in strategic management, project management and social media marketing. Technology is a growing skill needed in hotel and restaurant management, and learning about system analysis, data analytics, hospitality information technologies, operation systems, data security and service systems will prepare HRM graduates for their careers.

“Students will learn essential business analytics skills on data mining including regression, classification, cluster analysis, association analysis and data visualization in the applied business intelligence class,” said Gavin Zhang, professor of information systems.

HIT certificate students will be the future leaders in information technology in the specific context of the hospitality industry. Having this certificate can provide better career opportunities, better financial rewards, and professional growth. For information, contact SoYeon Jung at or Fred DeMicco at