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Why Hilton's 10 Minute TikTok Went Viral – Performance Marketing World

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Why Hilton’s 10 Minute TikTok Went Viral

10 minutes on TikTok is like three years in the real world. What made this trend-bucking ad hit marketing gold?

Hilton Hotels went viral on TikTok last week for producing a video that’s not only an ad, but 10 minutes long.

Alongside the iconic hotel chain heiress Paris Hilton, the video featured famous creators including Chris Olsen, GirlBossTown and KelzWright, challenging viewers to stay to the end in order to be in with a chance of winning Hilton Honors Points.

The length of the video and the Y2K socialite were enough to raise eyebrows on the platform, but does it mean that longer-form content is coming back?

The short answer is no. Part of the video’s viral fame is due to the fact that it stood out as a longer video on the short-form platform, rather than setting a new trend.

In fact, the genius of the video is that it feels like a mash-up of different videos, with different styles, filters, creators and effects making it seem like 10 minutes of seamlessly scrolling through TikTok without actually having to scroll: elevating the platform to a seamless scroll-less experience.

Bucking marketing trends and self-satire

Thomas Walters, Europe CEO and Co-founder of creator agency Billion Dollar Boy told PMW: “one of the actors in Hilton’s TikTok ad says: ‘10 minutes on TikTok is like three years in the real world’. And it certainly has felt like that in the past, as attention spans have increasingly become shorter.

“But maybe not anymore. The hotel chain’s ad bucks a long-standing trend towards short-from video content on social media. However, despite its success, initial analysis would suggest that it’s an exception to the rule rather than being indicative of a broader shift in media consumption habits towards long-form content.

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Posted by on February 27, 2023.

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