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DerbySoft Partners with GauVendi to Send Connectivity Through a Hotel PMS

DerbySoft, the leading technology provider of high- performance distribution services, announces an exciting new partnership with the up-and-coming hotel sales platform, GauVendi.

A formal partnership has been signed between the companies to leverage the seamless connectivity provided by the DerbySoft Property Connector, which extends distribution capabilities from a hotel Property Management System (PMS) to the leading distribution channels. This process further capitalizes on the dynamic-inventory management and hyper-personalization provided by GauVendi.

“DerbySoft is pleased to partner with innovative companies like GauVendi. Their AI- powered central sales system offers hotels the ability to sell rooms differently to different segments and channels simultaneously,” states Duane Overgaard, President of Connectivity and Senior Vice-President for DerbySoft. “The DerbySoft Property Connector builds upon the company’s already extensive distribution capabilities opening limitless distribution opportunities directly from the hotel PMS. When coupled with GauVendi’s cutting-edge technology pushes the boundaries for how hotels do business.”

“Our goal is to empower hoteliers with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive market,” says Markus Mueller, Co-Founder of GauVendi. “With GauVendi’s innovative sales engine and automation functions coupled with the market-leading distribution capabilities of DerbySoft, we believe we are contributing to achieving this goal.”

About DerbySoft

DerbySoft’s mission is to make the travel business easier through industry-leading technology that empowers travel industry services. The company supports technology for Connectivity Services at the CRS and PMS levels, Marketing Services which use machine learning and rich data to drive high-performing marketing campaigns and a Content platform that collects, manages and distributes quality hotel content.

DerbySoft’s technology empowers the travel industry around the globe. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, DerbySoft serves partners in 197 countries around the world. To learn more about the company’s services and how to work with DerbySoft, visit

About GauVendi

GauVendi, the hotel sales platform founded by senior hospitality experts in May 2020, has announced the arrival of hyper-personalization in the hospitality industry with its innovative sales engine. Powered by AI and novel sales tactics such as attribute-based selling and labeling, the sales engine is delivering impressive results.

Hotels using the GauVendi solution have seen hotel average rates increase by 20% and more.

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Caroline B. Terry
Director, Corporate Marketing

Posted by on March 2, 2023.

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