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OpenAI Says New Model GPT-4 is More Creative and Less Likely to Invent Facts

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OpenAI says new model GPT-4 is more creative and less likely to invent facts

 Latest version can take images as inputs and improves upon many of the criticisms users had, but will still ‘hallucinate’ facts

The artificial intelligence research lab OpenAI has released GPT-4, the latest version of the groundbreaking AI system that powers ChatGPT, which it says is more creative, less likely to make up facts and less biased than its predecessor.

Calling it “our most capable and aligned model yet”, OpenAI cofounder Sam Altman said the new system is a “multimodal” model, which means it can accept images as well as text as inputs, allowing users to ask questions about pictures. The new version can handle massive text inputs and can remember and act on more than 20,000 words at once, letting it take an entire novella as a prompt.

The new model is available today for users of ChatGPT Plus, the paid-for version of the ChatGPT chatbot, which provided some of the training data for the latest release.

OpenAI has also worked with commercial partners to offer GPT-4-powered services. A new subscription tier of the language learning app Duolingo, Duolingo Max, will now offer English-speaking users AI-powered conversations in French or Spanish, and can use GPT-4 to explain the mistakes language learners have made. At the other end of the spectrum, payment processing company Stripe is using GPT-4 to answer support questions from corporate users and to help flag potential scammers in the company’s support forums.

“Artificial intelligence has always been a huge part of our strategy,” said Duolingo’s principal product manager, Edwin Bodge. “We had been using it for personalizing lessons and running Duolingo English tests. But there were gaps in a learner’s journey that we wanted to fill: conversation practice, and contextual feedback on mistakes.” The company’s experiments with GPT-4 convinced it that the technology was capable of providing those features, with “95%” of the prototype created within a day.

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Posted by on March 16, 2023.

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