Luxury Hospitality Veterans Launch New Consultancy

Newly formed company helps boutique and super-luxury properties attract highly affluent guests.

NEW YORK, June 30, 2002

Edward F. Nesta and Manos G. Angelakis today announced the launch of Luxury Hospitality Consultants, LLC., a company formed to assist luxury properties outside the US prepare their physical plant, infrastructure and marketing to attract the upper tiers of affluent US travelers and improve competitive performance while growing revenues and profits.

Mr. Nesta most recently served as Senior VP – Operations at The Leading Hotels of The World in New York City, a European-owned privately held marketing company representing over 380 luxury hotel clients worldwide. Previously, he held management positions at Doubletree Hotels Corporation and General Electric. He combines broad strengths in general management and information technology and is a published author and international speaker.

Mr. Angelakis, an award-winning promotion specialist, has been for over 25 years involved in marketing and sales promotion for the luxury travel industry. He is currently Managing Editor of LuxuryWeb, a monthly e-magazine, targeted to the affluent international market. He was until recently VP-Luxury Tourism Development at WorldsAbove, a Virtual Private Network company operating VPNs in the US and the Middle East. Through the years, his client list has included numerous international luxury hotels, airlines, cruise lines and government tourist offices.

Services provided by Luxury Hospitality Consultants include, but are not limited to:

* Strategic planning
* Analysis of property acceptability as a boutique or
super-luxury hotel
* Brand building and awareness
* Customer relationship management
* Travel industry relationship management
* Interior designer and decorator alliance development
* Amenity supplier recommendations
* Hotel restaurant transformation
* Web site, internet and e-commerce solutions planning and
* Marketing budget analysis and resource optimization
* Outsourcing
* Specialized cost reduction programs

Lifestyle marketing is a discipline highly developed in the US market; a market whose requirements are far more stringent and demanding than any other international marketplace, said Mr. Nesta. Our mission is to assist companies that wish to attract the highest level of guest and guide them as they develop a unique look and exceptional capabilities.

For further information contact: or or call Luxury Hospitality Consultants, LLC. Voice (201) 342-4513 Fax (201) 342-4632.