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HGBU D&I April Steps Challenge for World Autism Day – By Ramona Rehill

A walking path - Source Oracle Hospitality

HGBU D&I April Steps Challenge for World Autism Day

Sunday, April 2nd was World Autism Day. This year to honor World Autism Day Oracle Hospitality Diversity & Inclusion Team was proud to present the April Steps Challenge.

The April Steps Challenge got our fabulous Hospitality Teams from all over the Globe involved in and behind World Autism Day, but it also helped to raised funds for some fabulous Global charities that have a focus on empowering people with Autism to enter the workforce…and it got us all moving too. We had over 200 Oracle employees registered to walk and by Day 3 of the 5 Day Challenge, we amassed 2.5million steps. The pictures posted from all corners of the World were an inspiration to colleagues to keep stepping and the mutual support for Autism Acceptance was remarkable and really did follow the sun each day.

World Autism Day

We began organizing the steps challenge in February. From the outset, our small organizing committee was touched by the many personal stories that we and the wider team shared about why supporting Autism causes and events were close to their hearts. We have members on the task force who signed up for the event who have children, nieces, nephews, and friends with Autism. We wanted to get involved, raise awareness, raise acceptance, grow support for change and perhaps raise a little money for some fabulous charities as well as have some fun too.

The Steps Challenge took place for 5 Days between April 3rd to April 7th inclusive and we are super proud of all our participants.

We saw some cool ways to get the step count up:

If you are internal to Oracle, get involved by joining the slack channel #hgbu-steps-for-autism or making a donation on Oracle Giving.

If you are external to Oracle, give us a cheer on social. Our participants will also share ways you can support them and the charities throughout April and May.

Ramona Rehill

Ramona Rehill is the Senior Operations Manager, Hospitality Sales at Oracle – Hospitality.

Posted by on April 17, 2023.

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