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Vietnam & Cambodia Revealed As the Most Popular Multi-Country Holiday Destination for Brits by Audley Travel

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Vietnam & Cambodia Revealed As the Most Popular Multi-Country Holiday Destination for Brits by Audley Travel

UK residents have been researching their favourite multi-country holiday destinations, and Google data from the past 12 months shows that Vietnam paired with Cambodia is the most popular combination. This is followed by Sri Lanka and the Maldives, joint second with New Zealand and Australia.

Why did Vietnam & Cambodia top the list?

“Both Vietnam and Cambodia are home to centuries-old temples, an array of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and an abundance of ultra-fresh cuisine that make combining the two countries ideal for history and culture lovers alike,” says Audley Travel Southeast Asia specialist Mark Robinson. And yet, despite being right next to each other, they have very different landscapes. A great way to travel between the two is via a cruise along the Mekong River, where you can get a glimpse into the lives of local people as you pass by riverside villages and fishing communities.”

Why did New Zealand & Australia and Sri Lanka & Maldives come joint second?

Australasia specialist Lee Felton explains why New Zealand and Australia are often paired by travelers, saying: “Australia and New Zealand's tapestry of climates, wildlife, and cultures complement each other very well. The long journey over means many people don't have the luxury of making two separate trips, so combining them is the best way to ensure you experience both.

“Australia has dense tropical rainforests, vast deserts, and turquoise waters teeming with animals. One day, you could be swimming with whale sharks and another soaking in Aboriginal rock. Then it's on to New Zealand with its rugged mountain scenery, wineries aplenty, and a free-camping policy that means you can sleep under the stars wherever you want.”

Commenting on multi-destination holidays to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Audley Travel Indian subcontinent specialist Joe Parks says: “For being such a tiny island, Sri Lanka boasts an extraordinary variety of action-packed experiences, from spotting elusive elephants in the wild to strolling around sprawling cave temples.

“In contrast, the Maldives is all about relaxation with luxurious resorts nestled on powder-soft sand, a host of fine-dining experiences, some of the best snorkelling and diving in the world — and even an underwater spa.

Full top 5 list of most popular multi-country destinations:

1. Vietnam and Cambodia
2. New Zealand and Australia (joint second)
2. Sri Lanka and Maldives (joint second)
4. Singapore and Malaysia
5. Thailand and Vietnam

Posted by on September 15, 2023.

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