91% Of Hotel-Booking Websites Fail To Make Date Entry Clear And Unambiguous

Southampton, United Kingdom – 2 July 2002 (PRN): Hotel-booking websites are
failing their customers according to a report published today by Travel
UCD. The report, based on original research conducted by Travel UCD into
the design aspects of date-entry functionality, is freely downloadable from
the Travel UCD website (http://www.travelucd.com ).

At the heart of the report lies a first-hand evaluation of 109 hotel
websites (19 travel agencies, 68 hotel-booking agencies and 22 hotel
chains), together with a usability test conducted on four websites. On the
basis of the research, Travel UCD devised 25 design guidelines to minimise
the chance of users entering stay dates incorrectly.

According to the report, only 9% of hotel-booking websites follow the most
important guidelines.

Report author, Alex Bainbridge, said, The report shows that hotel website
designers have a lot to learn about web usability.

This is the first of many such reports from Travel UCD. To hear when more
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About Travel UCD

Travel UCD is a usability design consultancy specialising in travel and
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