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Best Habits For Hotel Sales Site Tours: Stand Out When They Stop By (Whether In Person Or Virtually)! Doug Kennedy's Next Training Webcast – Complimentary Registration Now Open

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Best Habits For Hotel Sales Site Tours: Stand Out When They Stop By (Whether In Person Or Virtually)! Doug Kennedy's Next Training Webcast – Complimentary Registration Now Open

Sponsored By Travel Outlook, Better Talent, and Track Hospitality Software

Register your team and participate live, or view the recording of Doug Kennedy’s next 40-minute training webcast scheduled for Monday, March 18, from Noon – 12:45pm EST. REGISTER HERE

“While many group and event bookers go through the buying cycle without ever visiting the hotel in person, there are still plenty who prefer a site tour,” said KTN President Doug Kennedy.  “And smart salespeople always offer to conduct live virtual site tours for those who cannot visit.”

Typically, it’s those who are booking the highest revenue-generating deals who are the most interested in a tour, and chances are they are also visiting other potential hotels on the same day. So, it’s important to brush up on best habits that your sales teams may have gotten out of practice at using during the recent pandemic years.

Topics to be covered include:

Topics for Doug’s monthly webcast training events rotate each month, covering hospitality and guest service excellence, transient reservations sales, and hotel group/event sales. In creating this series, Doug draws on content from his on-site training programs, conference keynote presentations, and his monthly training articles. 

Everyone who registers receives a link to the recording, even if they cannot attend. The 40-minute format is perfect for “lunch and learns” or staff meetings. The target audience is anyone who is interested in upskilling themselves or others, and the topic areas are broad enough to be relevant for all sectors of the lodging industry.

“We are grateful to the generosity of our sponsors who have allowed us to offer complimentary admission,” said Kennedy. “It takes a lot of time to design, promote, and deliver these events, and so we would normally charge at least $99 registration per person, but this series is now completely free to all.”

Sponsors include: Travel Outlook, the only KTN Certified call center, Better Talent, a subscription-based talent acquisition company serving the lodging sector, and Track Hospitality Software, a TravelNet Solution, whose products include a PMS and CRM.

Complimentary registration can be accessed at Here are the topics and dates for the additional topics scheduled so far.

Successfully Fielding Legitimate Guest Complaints AND How To Stop The “Full Refund Scammers.”

Friday, April 19 (Noon EDT)


While the vast majority of guests who complain simply want to have their emotional reactions validated, there is a small, vocal, and possibly growing percentage that Doug Kennedy has labeled “Full Refund Scammers.” In this webcast, Doug will first present KTN’s “EARS” method of successfully resolving guest complaints. Also presented are ways in which your transient reservations and guest services team can work proactively together to prepare for the arrival of potential “full refund scammers” who arrive with the objective of getting their stay comped.

Reservations Sales Agents: It Is NOT Our Job To Tell Them What’s Available; It IS Our Job To Help Them Decide!

Friday, May 17 (Noon EDT)


Doug created this month’s topic in response to a trend our KTN team sees when conducting pre-training mystery shopping for our clients. Too often, when agents determine the caller has not stayed before and does not have an accommodation in mind, they immediately list the available options and rates for rooms, rental homes, or suites. Some agents even offer to email the whole list, which may seem kind but is definitely not helpful. Doug refers to this as providing “website search helpdesk support,” and reminds everyone that if that’s all we do, our jobs can immediately be replaced by IVR, AI, and ChatGPT. Instead, participants learn how to lead conversations that may lead to an immediate booking, or at least help the caller narrow down their choices.

Train Your Entire Staff To Elicit Kama Muta (Commonly Called That “Warm, Fuzzy” Feeling)

Friday, June 21 (Noon EDT)


It’s something that virtually all humans have experienced in our lives, especially those who work in guest-facing jobs in the hospitality industry. It happens when we make an authentic, personalized, and heartfelt connection with another human. It is a mutually experienced feeling, felt across cultures, nationalities, and languages. There is even a common gesture that humans around the globe use when the feeling arises, which is raising the right hand and placing it over the heart. While we in Western Cultures apparently don’t have a word for this feeling, one can be found in the ancient Sanskrit language. The word is Kama Muta, which means “being moved by love.” It is written as काममूत. This webcast covers:

     • Understanding the diversity of human travel experiences being lived out every day on the other side of the doors to your guest rooms, homes, and suites.

     • Realizing that hospitality can be a philosophy for daily living that just might make you a happier human. What’s good for the guest and good for the company is also good for us personally!

     • Bringing out the best in others, brings out the best in ourselves. In other words, we can have a lot more fun at work!

     • Using your power of release, stomping out cynicism, and shining the light of hospitality to everyone we encounter.

For additional details, contact KTN at or by phone (01) 954.533.9130

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