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Rising Sales Leaders Discuss Mastering Efficiency: Optimizing Calendars and Emails for Productivity – By Jake Moreland

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This article originally appeared on HSMAI.

Many of us grapple with the constant influx of emails and the pressure to stay organized and responsive, which can lead to the overwhelming feeling of email anxiety or stress. In our fast-paced industry and constant connectivity, managing email and calendar schedules effectively has become a crucial aspect of maintaining productivity and well-being. 

The pressure to remain perpetually connected has led to email anxiety, worsened by the hybrid and remote work environments. Some statistics highlight our challenge:  

I brought this topic to the Rising Sales Leader Council. How, amidst this email onslaught, are we reclaiming our time and focus? Here are our top tips:  

Leverage Outlook Rules:  To help prioritize, create filters and folders to auto-sort emails that you can access when you need to. 

2-minute Response Principle: If it takes less than two minutes to reply, do it immediately. 

Embrace Inbox Zero: For some, having zero emails is their happy place.  

Strategic Calendar Management: Block specific times for email management, link reports in recurring tasks, and use tools like Clockwise to visualize free time and meeting distributions. 

Prioritize and Categorize: Use color-coordinated stickers or categories for emails to streamline priorities and manage sales cycles efficiently. 

Mindful Communication Timing: Consider time zones before sending emails, optimizing the timing for recipient responsiveness. 

Digital Detox: Sometimes, stepping away from digital devices or limiting their use for work-related communication can significantly reduce stress. 

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Questions for Your Team 

  1. Do you experience email anxiety or stress? 
  2. Do you use tools/features (i.e., filters, folders, categories) to organize your inbox/calendar? 
  3. What are your strategies for decluttering your inbox? 
  4. Have you implemented any email boundaries to protect your personal time outside of work hours?

Jake Moreland

Jake Moreland, Global Sales Manager, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, HSMAI Rising Sales Leader Council. Connect with Jake on LinkedIn.

Posted by on March 25, 2024.

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