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6-in-10 Guests at Northern Hemisphere Hotels Will Arrive From Abroad This Summer: SiteMinder Report

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A new report by SiteMinder, the name behind the only software platform that unlocks the full revenue potential of hotels, reveals the momentum of global bookings for accommodation in the Northern Hemisphere, as summer commences. The report, SiteMinder’s Hotel Booking Trends – Summer 2024 Edition, has found that international arrivals are set to rise by 10% year-on-year to an average 62% of summer check-ins, compared to 52% in 2023. The largest year-on-year jump will be experienced by hotels in the US and Mexico, where international arrivals are set to grow by 16% and 20%, respectively.

The report analyses hotel reservations made for stays between June and August this year, in 10 of the largest tourism markets within the Northern Hemisphere, including Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, the UK and US.

The data shows:

● Travellers have booked their stays further in advance. The average lead time has stretched to an average of 140 days, from 134 days in 2023, with booking windows longest in the UK, followed by Germany and Canada.

● The average daily rate (ADR) has increased in 9-out-of-10 countries. The biggest increase (€25) is in France, as hoteliers anticipate the Olympics in late July.

● The length of stay has grown to an average of 2.31 nights, compared to 2.25 last summer, with stays longer in 60% of countries. The biggest increase is set to take place in Canada, where stays are expected to increase from 1.69 nights to 1.87 nights.

SiteMinder’s chief growth officer, Trent Innes, says the findings signal another exciting summer ahead for Northern Hemisphere properties.

“Following last year’s record-breaking summer in some of the world’s top destinations, such as Spain and Portugal, SiteMinder’s data indicates another great season and in more travel markets within the Northern Hemisphere. It's clear that summer continues to be an important time of year for travellers, with more committing to trips abroad, further in advance.”

Innes says despite the booking volumes being good news for the hotel industry, the season isn’t being maximised to its full potential by many businesses.

“Among hoteliers, we are seeing the adoption of revenue software ramping, however we also continue to witness a significant opportunity, particularly outside of major cities, for accommodation properties to embrace technology more fully. As booking windows, competition and the expectations of guests all grow, the properties best placed to capitalise on this dynamic summer environment and create a seamless digital experience are those who have made the conscious decision for technology to be integral to the way they do business.”

SiteMinder’s Hotel Booking Trends – Summer 2024 Edition is based on the booking data of SiteMinder’s revenue platform, which over the past year has processed more than 120 million bookings valued at more than US$50 billion in revenue for hotels. The complete findings can be found below.

About SiteMinder

SiteMinder Limited (ASX:SDR) is the name behind SiteMinder, the only software platform that unlocks the full revenue potential of hotels, and Little Hotelier, an all-in-one hotel management software that makes the lives of small accommodation providers easier. The global company is headquartered in Sydney with offices in Bangalore, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Dallas, Galway, London and Manila. Through its technology and the largest partner ecosystem in the global hotel industry, SiteMinder generates more than 120 million reservations worth over US$50 billion in revenue for its hotel customers each year. For more information, visit

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