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McKinsey Podcast: A New Itinerary for the Tourism Industry

Consumers of all ages, from different parts of the globe, are prioritizing travel. Here’s what providers should know to tailor experiences in ways that will attract and delight today’s tourists.

McKinsey spoke with more than 5,000 travelers across geographies and generations as part of a recently published survey that reveals clear differences in behaviors, motivations, and expectations among a diverse set of tourists. On this episode of The McKinsey Podcast, McKinsey’s Margaux Constantin and Jasperina de Vries speak with editorial director Roberta Fusaro about data that can help travel and tourism companies tailor their offerings and realize more bookings, higher satisfaction, and, ultimately, repeat visitors.

In our second segment, from our series, McKinsey senior partner Kurt Strovink shares an approach to help CEOs connect with stakeholders—a relationship that’s prized but too often elusive.

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Posted by on June 17, 2024.

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