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HEDNA Releases The State of Distribution Report

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The survey was designed to tackle the hospitality industry’s distribution challenges head-on and illuminate the path towards innovative solutions and a better guest experience.

In the past four years, the hospitality industry has navigated a complex journey, spurred on by new information sources, emerging technology, organizational shifts, and margin compression. In the midst of this quickly evolving landscape, we have been lacking a uniform view from the global hotelier perspective. To provide this holistic view, HEDNA, the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality’s HI Hub Experiential Learning Lab at NYU School of Professional Studies and RateGain joined forces to create a definitive resource. This report offers actionable insights to empower hoteliers, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities across different hotel segments.

Technology users in marketing, eCommerce, and revenue functions look outward to peers for solutions and strategic decision-making. This demand for insights has grown as traveler behavior evolves, using multiple platforms to search, plan, and book travel. Limited resources mean commercial teams must be strategic in capturing traveler intent and preferences, requiring close collaboration between marketing and distribution teams and the right technology.

The “State of Distribution” report is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the hospitality industry. It covers strategic decision-making, technological prioritization, reducing manual efforts, organizational restructuring, and training and education. It is intended to be a living resource for continuous learning, adaptation, and growth, incorporating new insights and best practices with each iteration.

Download the report

The State of Distribution Survey will remain open through 2024. If you are a hotelier and haven't taken the survey, please submit your data here to be included in a future update.

Posted by on June 19, 2024.

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