Odorfreestay.Com Clicks With Travelers Seeking Smoke-Free Rooms

Green Suites International announces new and improved OdorFreeStay.com Web site that lets ecological travelers locate hotels that guarantee smoke-free and odor-free rooms using Nature’s Mist TM

Upland, Calif.—(Oct.17, 2002) If you have ever spent the night in a room that was previously occupied by a smoker or it had other unidentifiable odors, then you should bookmark www.OdorFreeStay.com.
Green Suites International developed www.OdorFreeStay.com to provide travelers who are health conscious or have chemical sensitivities or just plain don’t like a room that smells of smoke or other foul odors, with a convenient method for locating and booking lodging facilities that are committed to guaranteeing their guests a non-smoking, odor-free rooms cleaned with an all natural, non-toxic solution.
The hotels listed on www.OdorFreeStay.com proactively manage their room inventories and use the Green Suites International Nature's MistTM Deodorization System to provide guests with odorless, fresh-smelling guestrooms and meeting rooms. As a significant side benefit, properties now can better manage their inventories by accommodating any mix of smokers and non-smokers with little effort or expense.

Surfing for fresh air
The main thrust of the recently updated and retooled website is to locate hotels that guarantee
non-smoking, odor-free guestrooms. But www.OdorFreeStay.com does a lot more because it helps book all key travel reservations. The Web site lets the traveler rent a car, book a flight, and book a room via an easy-to-use interface that is clearly designed and quick to respond.
For example, booking a room requires just a couple of steps. The traveler can simply select from a list of popular major market cities on the home page to automatically display all of the available participating properties, or he/she can enter a hotel name or city to search for properties. OdorFreeStay.com also provides access to the complete Sabre database of hotel properties, offering additional convenience to travelers by letting them book their lodging from a single convenient Web site.
In keeping with its mission to provide convenient yet expansive travel management tools, www.odorfreeStay.com makes it just as easy to book a flight. After completing a simple on-line selection of departure and arrival cities, along with dates of travel, the site quickly searches multiple suppliers for the best deal. These are displayed showing the best deal first. A button is provided to book the flight and pay on-line easily and securely.
Dan Bornholdt, President & Co-Founder of Green Suites International, said that www.odorfreeStay.com is another way in which the company is demonstrating its commitment to environmentally-conscious and health-aware travelers and hotels that serve them and our planet by using Nature’s MistTM.
“More than 1,500 properties nationwide use Nature’s MistTM — including marquee hotels such as the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, the Mandarin Oriental in San Francisco, New York’s Waldorf-Astoria and about 15 Ritz-Carltons, as well as hundreds of economy, mid-scale, and extended-stay properties
in markets across the globe,” Bornholdt said.
How Nature’s MistTM works
Nature's MistTM, a proprietary product developed and marketed by Green Suites International, is
all-natural, non-toxic, and completely safe for use around people, plants, pets and food. The engineering product combines two unique treatment solutions to deliver an optimal odor-free, fresh air environment.
The first component of the Nature’s MistTM system involves a proprietary liquid solution consisting of more than two dozen plant extracts that neutralize — not cover up — tobacco and other odors. Each molecule of Nature’s MistTM liquid bonds with odor molecules to neutralize the most pungent odors (smoke, body odor, food odor, vomit, urine, mildew, etc.)
The system’s second component involves an atomizing sprayer that puts out thousands of microscopic pressurized droplets, allowing the Nature’s MistTM compound to reach hidden areas such as mattresses, pillows, bedspreads, heating and cooling ducts and acoustic ceilings. Just 1 gallon of Nature’s MistTM can deodorize up to 200 guestrooms.
Ray Burger, Green Suites International’s VP of Sales & Marketing, said the fact that the solution delivers unmatched results without potentially harmful chemicals is a huge sell to staff and guests alike.
“Nature’s MistTM is a safe, two-component natural deodorization process with no ozone, enzymes, toxins or masking agents,” Burger said. “It’s not a fragrance. It’s a true deodorizer because it neutralizes, not masks, tobacco and all other odors on the spot. Nature’s MistTM creates a room without any odor, just pure, long-lasting fresh air.”
Typically, a smoking room can be converted to a non-smoking room within 12 to 15 minutes by using the two-part Nature’s MistTM system.
Burger said topping Nature’s Mist™ benefits are:
• Housekeeping staff are pleased about offering clean, fresh-smelling rooms to all guests (even smokers!), and Guest Services and Reservations staff are more comfortable “guaranteeing” non-smoking rooms.
• OdorFreeStay.com hotels can sell to the last room by having the flexibility to offer every room as either a non-smoking or smoking room, bolstering occupancy, yield, satisfaction and loyalty.
Doubters turned fans
“When the GM brought me a newspaper article touting the benefits Nature’s MistTM, naturally I was a little skeptical because I had heard similar claims by companies other than Green Suites International and had tried literally dozens of other products to little no avail,” said Pat Baird, Executive Housekeeper at The Peabody Orlando, an 891-room four-star full-service hotel. “But I decided to give Nature’s MistTM a try and we have been using it ever since.”
Among the more than 1,500 satisfied hotels using Nature’s MistTM is one Chicago hotel that said it maintains an inventory of 80 percent smoke-free rooms (average for the industry), but now can guarantee that every guest requesting one will get just such a room. Any time the demand for smoke-free rooms exceeds supply, property managers at Chicago’s Lenox Suites Hotel simply take a few minutes to convert the required number of smoking rooms to non-smoking with Nature’s MistTM.
Tim James, GM of the 64-room AmericInn Lodge & Suites in Aberdeen, S.D., said he has been using Green Suites’ Nature’s MistTM for nearly two years and that there is nothing quite like it available in the marketplace.
“Before Nature’s MistTM, we had used almost every type of spray and/or ionizer out there to eliminate tobacco odor from our guestrooms — but we had, like most others, had little success,” James said.
“In the past, when we were sold out of non-smoking rooms, we used an ionizer or some other deodorizer to try and clean the air in a smoking room. All too often the pungent odor returned and invariably triggered guest complaints,” James said. “Now, with Nature’s MistTM, we can convert a smoking room to non-smoking in 10 to 15 minutes — easily and cost effectively — with no guest complaints.”
“Nature’s MistTM really is one of those ‘worldly wonders,’” remarked Ann Watkins, Owner of
Sunny Hospitality L.L.C. of Rehoboth Beach, Del., which operates a 50-room AmericInn in Rehoboth Beach and a 70-room AmericInn in Harrington, Del. Watkins also Owns Pipe Dreams L.L.C., which in mid-June opened its first property, a 75-room AmericInn in Bear/Wilmington, Del.
“Nature’s MistTM is a great way to convert smoking rooms so you can sell to the last room without guest complaint,” Watkins said. “We had a guest who smoked three packs a day stay for six months in one guestroom at our Harrington AmericInn. When he left, Nature’s MistTM somehow amazingly sent the tobacco stench packing as well. We really put the system to the test and it passed with flying colors. I purchased a second machine shortly afterward, and committed to all of our properties using Nature’s MistTM from then on out.”
No smoke and mirrors
“There is nothing worse than opening the door to your hotel room for the first time and instantly being overcome by the stale stank odor of smoke. Even smokers dislike it. Talk about a first impression,”
said Mr. Jan McCormick, VP of Operations for Noble House Hotels, Resorts & Hideaways. “We have been using Nature’s MistTM for years now. We’re sold,” McCormick said.
“We believe so strongly in the bottom-line benefits of Nature’s Mist™ and its related preventative maintenance program that for the past two years we’ve mandated its usage at each of our 13 Phoenix Inn Suites, as well as at our Hampton Inn and planned Hilton Garden Inn,” said Phoenix Inn Regional Manager Scott Snyder.
“There are plenty of deodorizers and ionizers out there on the market, and we’ve probably tried most of them,” Snyder said. “Quite frankly Nature’s MistTM stands in a class of its own for its uncanny ability to simply and quickly neutralize tobacco, food, cologne and other strong odors from the air, as well as from drapes, carpeting, bed linen, and other soft and hard goods, in both smoking and non-smoking guestrooms.”
Room odors typically rank among the top guest complaints. By using Nature’s Mist™ a hotel that strives for the highest level of comfort and cleanliness can be assured that guests will also rank room freshness at record high levels. With Nature’s MistTM, odors vanish into thin air and a clean, neutral, long-lasting freshness remains.
“From a staff standpoint, Nature’s Mist is very simple to use,” said Michele Webb, Executive Housekeeper of the historic 100-room Governor Hotel in Portland, Ore. “It takes little time, effort and money to use this ‘Housekeeper Helper,’ but it takes a load off our housekeepers’ and managers’ minds. Now, our front desk and reservations department can say with confidence and a genuine smile that —‘Yes, we have non-smoking rooms available.’”
Half the battle in retaining customers is in winning them over with a first and lasting positive impression. With Nature’s Mist™, any hotel can make positive first impressions with smokers and non-smokers alike — and that’s a competitive advantage that’s nothing to sniff at.

Based in Upland, Calif., Green Suites International assists hotels by developing solutions that are profitable to hotels and image enhancing to the more than 43 million environmental travelers in the United States. Solutions include natural amenities delivered from elegant dispensers, non-toxic cleaners, air and water filtration systems and energy and water efficient products. Facilities reaping the benefits of Green Suites’ solutions include properties from every state and 12 different countries. For more information on Green Suites International, Nature’s MistTM as well as an array of other ecological solutions providing economic benefit, please contact Ray Burger, VP Sales & Marketing,
at 888-590-2285, e-mail rburger@greensuites.com, or visit www.greensuites.com and www.OdorFreeStay.com.