myBed Renewable Mattress Saves Typical 500-Room Property $200,000+ Net Over 15 Years

Owners say myBed mattresses last 2 to 3 times as long as the rest,
while helping eliminate stains and wear-and-tear on cushioning
and bolstering comfort, cleanliness and satisfaction scores

ROCKDALE, ILL. — OCT. 21, 2002 — The amount of sleep required by the typical traveler all too often is
”an hour more.” The few travelers who can say they “slept like a baby” during their hotel stays obviously never had a newborn — but there’s a really good chance they’ve had “a myBed experience.”
Rockdale-based myBed Inc. is reaping rave reviews from guests and owner operators alike for its myBed patented renewable mattress system providing significant economical and hygienic benefits.
Owner/operators say they love the mattress system, which has inner spring, cushioning and cover components that can be easily replaced as needed. They report that myBed mattresses last two to three times as long as traditional mattresses — saving a typical 500-room property more than $200,000 over the bedding’s lifetime of 15 to 20 years. Comprised of top-quality bedding components, the patented myBed mattress system also helps hotels capture a competitive edge with enviable guest comfort and satisfaction scores.

Sleep easy
It’s not always easy for hotel operators to get a good night’s sleep either, particularly in today’s softened travel market. Every day, every expense item has to be scrutinized to ensure properties survive and thrive — and bedding purchases are no different, said Frank Cavazos, myBed President.
According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, there are more than 4.1 million guestrooms in the United States alone. The U.S. hotel industry typically purchases more than 1 million new beds every year. myBed can help the industry cut this figure in half with a patented modular renewable bedding system that more than doubles the longevity of mattresses, while minimizing related investments as well as related restlessness by both operators and guests.
The myBed mattress is the only environmentally friendly, high-tech, patented mattress designed specifically for the hospitality industry that features replaceable components — from the box and mattress springs to internal and external mattress pads and/or pillow tops — with the pull of a Velcro® strip. Another thing that makes the myBed system so attractive is its modular structure in which bedding’s firmness can be changed simply by adding or removing cushioning layers
“Steel springs account for about 40 percent of the cost of materials in a typical mattress, and hotels typically throw these assets out with their beds every five to seven years, even though the springs have many, many years of life left,” Cavazos said. “With my Bed, we’ve designed a unique, patented system that allows operators to maximize their mattress investments by changing out only those bedding components that need replacing — not the entire mattress, springs and all, at a significant cost to all.
“I’m not quite sure why the basic mattress design has remained relatively stagnant and wasteful for decades, but I know we’re onto something because we have eight patents, and hundreds of guests say they slept like Rip Van Winkle when on a myBed and want to purchase it for their homes,” Cavazos said.
“For years, hotels have been holding onto stained, worn-out mattresses, and disappointing guests and their bottom lines in the process,” he said. “Our modular, renewable myBed mattress system can help divert hundreds of thousands of hotel mattresses from our nation’s landfills every year, while saving owner/operators significant monies and guest complaints.”

Pound wise
In today’s fiercely competitive lodging climate, it’s imperative that owner/operators not be “penny wise and pound foolish” with regard to mattress purchases. If one is a long-term hotel investor, myBed is clearly the way to go, delivering a lifetime savings of more than 100 percent of the original cost of the system. On the flip side, if one intends to reposition a property and “flip it” through divestiture, myBed also is a smart buy because it instantly increases the value of property assets, Cavazos said.
“Priced just a few dollars — or pennies per day — above popular non-renewable mattresses that last half as long at best, the myBed system is being widely adopted by independent properties and management companies of all sizes,” Cavazos said. “A few chains are considering making the mattress standard, just as the U.S. Army is doing. Very shortly, we will team a major national residential mattress distributor, which will further drive our brand awareness in both homes and hotels.”
Hotels are delighted myBed is their bed, as its quality and savings speak to travelers and the bottom line.
“We install myBed mattresses as we renovate our guestrooms,” said Murray Peterson, GM of the
895-room Westward Hotel in Las Vegas. “We began the switch to the renewable myBed system last year and already have completed the move in 100 of our ‘High Roller’ casino guestrooms.
“With the luxurious myBed, we can position these rooms as ‘upgrades’ and capture increased rates,” he said. “We’re an economy hotel that offers an upscale bed, which gives a major competitive edge.”
Murray said myBed is in a class of its own when it comes to ingenuity, quality and longevity.
“myBed is the finest quality bed for its price,” Murray said. “From both a financial and customer service standpoint, myBed is the way to go. When guests see and sleep on myBed, they are instantly impressed. It’s about three inches taller than other mattresses, and always looks fuller and brand new. From an operations and accounting perspective, if the mattress gets worn, we only have to replace damaged or aged components, such as top or inner pads. We don’t have to purchase a new mattress every five years; we can wait 15 years or more. It doesn’t take a CPA to do the ROI math on myBed.”
About myBed
myBed Inc. has been marketing its renewable mattress system to the hospitality industry since 1998. myBeds are used at hotels across the globe, spanning all property types and sizes, including Microtel, Super 8, Days Inn and Comfort Inn economy hotels up to luxurious Park Place and Swissôtel properties to name a few. For more information on myBed, call 800-326-9233 or visit