selected by R&R Hotel Group for Lions Gate Hotel

Fort Worth, TX – February 26, 2002 – announced today that R&R Hotel Group has selected the company to provide Internet Based Training for reservations for the Lions Gate Hotel. introduced the first reservation sales training program designed specifically for delivery via the Internet in August 1998. Since that date, the company has provided reservations training to hotels and reservations centers in the United States, Australia, Western Europe and Asia.

The STAR (Sales Training for Agents in Reservations) Workshop is more effective and less expensive than traditional seminar style training programs. The workshop trains agents to sell a reservation using an easy and enjoyable interactive format that includes text, animation, and audio. Instant feed back on performance is provided by way of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank answers and tracking as well as quality assurance shops. All reporting, including audio, can be deposited on the web site for client review 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Constant and consistent delivery of training materials using an interactive format with audio enhances learning and improves retention by as much as 60% over traditional seminar style programs. Interactive review sessions provide positive re-enforcement for correct answers as well as hints to help guide the participant when incorrect answers are given.

Jay Delerno, President of, said “The traditional on-site reservations training seminars have become too expensive for most hotels when you consider the turnover rate in reservations and the front desk”. Moreover, the thousands of dollars spent for on-site training are inefficient and often ineffective. He went on to say, “On-site training is a one-time event. With access to Internet Based Training, employees can access our workshop 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They can work at their own pace and revisit our STAR training program as frequently as they wish and monthly fees for a hotel with 150-250 rooms is less than half the cost of a 2 day on-site program. also develops private label and custom training to be hosted on its web site, which are available to clients through restricted password access. currently provides private label and custom training to over fifteen thousand {15,000} hotels and seventeen Central Reservations Offices worldwide. By the end of 2002 some custom training will be available in four languages. clients include such outstanding companies as Marriott, SRS-WORLD HOTELS, and TRUST International.

R&R Hotel Group was founded in 1987 and has renovated, repositioned or managed more than 50 full and limited service hotels consisting of over 10,000 hotel rooms. Early in the company's history R&R was awarded the contract to manage the prestigious Huntington Hotel and Cottages – Pasadena. The Huntington opened the door to a stream of challenging assignments. Six short years later, R&R gained national prominence when Hotel Business Magazine awarded the company a first place ranking in their annual Top 100 Management Companies Survey. Other assignments have taken R&R everywhere from creating a Dude Ranch concept in Montana, to building a five star Resort in the remote jungles of China.

For additional information regarding the STAR Workshop and STAR guarantee, complimentary access to the full STAR Workshop, or access to a sample custom training tutorial please contact the company at the e-mail address or telephone number below. A free sampling of the STAR Workshop, GRAND Guest Service Workshop is currently available on the company's web site, . A free sampling and full Sales and Catering Workshop will be available in March of this year. The Sales and Catering Workshop, Handling the Telephone Inquiry was developed by Tom McCarthy of Hotel Professionals.