Vacation Property Owners Lose Billions After 911 Terrorist Attacks, Reports Author Christopher Cain

ORLANDO, Fla. – Feb 1, 2002 — The airlines and the rest of
the travel industry have lost billions of dollars due to 911 terrorist attacks. Less publicized are the more than 6 million American vacation property owners who (as a group) also lost billions in rental income, reports Christopher Cain, author of Road Map to Your Vacation Property Dream.

In Las Vegas and Orlando, for example, hotel occupancy
rates plummeted after 911, noted Crain. In each of these cities, there are tens of thousands of privately-owned vacation properities that lost rentals due to the attacks and the ensuing fear of flying. And, there are millions of owners throughout the country who lost rentals.

Cain said, Don't expect a government bailout for vacation property owners like the $15 billion for the airlines.
However, resorts and rental managers of vacation properties
can boost advertising and offer special incentives to 'put heads in beds.' In addition to the efforts of their rental managers, owners can help themselves to more rentals. Try some classified advertising. Refer friends and business associates. Use the internet to showcase your property.

Cain's latest book,Road Map to Your Vacation Property
Dream, provides dozens of tips and tactics to help owners increase rentals.

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