SERVE Program, Inc., the nation’s leader in education and training for businesses in the hospitality field, has begun implementing its new security division which trains businesses in tightening up security and to be on the alert for possible threats from terrorism. This includes setting up proper security and procedures for monitoring suspicious activities, proper food safety to avoid contamination, dealing with the spread of anthrax, and much, much more.

SERVE’s team of experts include SERVE President, Dr. Steven S. Nagelberg, an award-winning expert security trainer, A.J. Cassity, and Nathan Goodman, both of whom have been trained in the military and are specialists in nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare.

“It is imperative that both employees and customers have a safe environment to work and enjoy an establishment,” says Dr. Steven Nagelberg.“ We work one-on-one with businesses in the hospitality industry to meet this safety demand, tailoring our program to fit individual needs.”

SERVE’s award-winning programs include their Employee Food Preparation Safety Program and training in Responsible Vendor Laws and the service of alcohol. Additionally, SERVE provides the Food Safety Manager Certification in the state of Florida (and nationwide), which is required by Florida law for businesses serving food.

For more information on SERVE and its programs, you can contact their main office: telephone: (954) 792-4042; (800) 533-6553; FAX: (954) 792-6660, or email:, or visit their web site at: