SINGAPORE – The Marriott international hotel group and Visa
have announced they will offer double points and double night
credit toward special elite status and benefits for Visa
cardholders and Marriott Rewards members until March 31, 2002.
Starting with a second hotel stay paid for with a Visa card,
Marriott Rewards members will earn double points toward free
holidays or any of more than 300 reward options. Members will
also achieve elite recognition and privileges twice as fast
when using Visa for their second and each subsequent night at
any of 2,100 participating Marriott Rewards hotels. In addition
to earning double points and double night credit toward elite
status when paying with Visa, Marriott Rewards members can
receive a free weekend night for every three paid weekend
nights spent with Marriott until December 23, 2001, under the
Marriott Rewarding Weekends offer.