Hilton International Partners With TeleMatrix

Hilton International Renews Exclusive Endorsement of TeleMatrix Phones at 77 Hotels in U.K. & Ireland

Subsidiary of Hilton Group PLC endorses TeleMatrix as a preferred phone supplier
at 380 hotels in 70 countries, including 154 Scandic Hotels acquired in Northern Europe

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. — Nov. 15, 2001 — TeleMatrix Inc., a leading worldwide provider of telecommunications products and services for the hospitality industry, is pleased to announce that Hilton International has signed a
two-year renewal of its exclusive endorsement of TeleMatrix as a supplier of guestroom telephones and support services for its 77 properties in the United Kingdom and Ireland comprising some 15,000 guestrooms.
In addition to the rare exclusive supplier agreement reached in the U.K. and Ireland, Hilton International endorsed TeleMatrix as an approved provider of phones for all of its properties outside the U.K. A subsidiary of the Hilton Group PLC [LON: HG.], Hilton International owns, operates and/or franchises nearly 380 properties in some 70 countries, including 154 Scandic Hotels recently acquired in Northern Europe.
Under the terms of its agreement with Hilton International, TeleMatrix will supply Hilton International with its
world-renowned Marquis range of telephones. Each property can customize its TeleMatrix telephones to meet the specific needs and expectations of its guests and the unique needs of its guestroom décor. Logos, custom colors, international symbols, and dialing information can be printed on the telephone faceplate — allowing guests easy access to hotel services, making ordering from individual profit centers such as room service and on-site stores more convenient, further driving incremental revenue.
In addition, TeleMatrix provides Hilton International with an industry-leading comprehensive package of support services, including: factory preprogramming, custom faceplate printing, secure on-line ordering and a five-year unlimited manufacturer’s warranty on all sets. Hilton International lodging properties also continue to benefit from TeleMatrix’s PriorityCareTM Customer Service Program—which ensures that customers are taken care of proactively, courteously and comprehensively through every step of the process—and the company’s morePhoneTM Overage Program, which automatically gives clients placing orders for more than 100 phones additional units for free.
Simon Watson, TeleMatrix Director of Sales – EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), said TeleMatrix’s quality products, competitive pricing and unwavering commitment to customer service helped the phone manufacturer win over Hilton International one project at a time.
“We’re extremely pleased to partner with Hilton International — an ever-growing hotel company with
world-renowned brands and world-class lodging properties,” Watson said. “In the past six months alone, Hilton International has nearly doubled its portfolio with the acquisition of Scandic Hotels 154 properties in
Northern Europe — and it never hurts to partner with clients showing such dramatic growth.”
Neil Murray, Telecommunications Manager for Hilton International in the U.K. and Ireland, said TeleMatrix earned the exclusive endorsement and the business that stems from it by minimizing product failures, shipping delays and damages, while working diligently to mediate and rectify any small issue that should arise.
“Rosy words on glossy brochures don’t mean a thing if when we have problem — no matter how small or seemingly insignificant — we can’t immediately speak to our supplier and rectify the situation for both today and tomorrow,” Murray said. “It might sound simple, but good old fashioned customer service — from product development and delivery, to tech services, problem resolution and consistent communications — is an intangible you just can’t put a price tag on.
“I cannot stress this enough: There is nothing that TeleMatrix wouldn’t do for us to solve minor issues quickly and effectively,” he said. “While minor issues are certainly the exception to the rule, TeleMatrix’s prompt, professional problem resolution takes away potential pains and pressures. TeleMatrix’s technology and people make it a lot easier for us and our properties to embrace one telecom supplier largely because we know based on experience that they’re always just one phone call or e-mail away.”
In addition to citing TeleMatrix’s unique commitment to the customer, Murray said the Colorado-based company’s
relationship management expertise — not only with Hilton International’s corporate team, but also with properties and telecom partners such as phone distributors and PBX manufacturers —minimized headaches and maximizes delivered value, he said.
“We asked TeleMatrix to work out a distributor relationship with Mitel and they again went above and beyond our expectations,” Murray said. “TeleMatrix gave Mitel the same extremely competitive pricing packages and terms, as well as the same morePhone Overage Program.
“Just as important, TeleMatrix fully manages the relationship so we didn’t have to keep entering the loop to solve issues at our properties, or between Mitel and TeleMatrix,” he said. “TeleMatrix services and manages its accounts in a manner that creates and nurtures a genuine supplier-customer relationship.”