Green Suites International Helps Hotels Guarantee Non-Smoking Rooms

Upland, Calif.—(Dec. 3, 2001) Question: What ranks among the top three guest complaints time again?

Answer: Guestroom odors rank, literally and figuratively.
Thanks to Green Suites International’s unique, cost-effective Nature’s MistTM Deodorization System, hotels now can turn even the foulest-smelling “smoking room” into a fresh, odorless “non-smoking” guestroom.

Imagine being able change your property’s room configuration in less than 15 minutes for 25 to 50 cents per guestroom. With Green Suites International’s Nature’s Mist, properties no longer have to turn away smokers or non-smokers simply because a certain number of guestrooms must be left reserved
(and oftentimes vacant) for one population or another.

Imagine holding a cigar aficionado convention Friday through Sunday, and then packing the house with non-smokers Monday morning for an American Lung Association annual meeting. Now quit imagining, open your eyes and nasal passages—and your doors to all potential guests and business groups, whatever their room preference be—using Green Suites International’s Nature’s Mist.

Breath of Fresh Air
Dan Bornholdt, President & Co-Founder of Green Suites International, said Nature’s Mist typically can convert a smoking room to a non-smoking room within 12 to 15 minutes by using the two part Nature’s Mist system which includes an all-natural non-toxic concentrate of plant extracts diluted and sprayed from the vapor phase atomizer.

Bornholdt said more than 1,200 properties across the United States currently use Nature’s Mist, including marquee hotels such as the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, the Mandarin Oriental in San Francisco, New York’s Waldorf-Astoria, and about 10 Ritz-Carltons.

Ray Burger, Green Suites International’s VP of Sales & Marketing, added that properties of all types—from the aforementioned upper-upscale properties in destination cities to mid-market, economy and extended-stay hotels in secondary and tertiary markets—are embracing Nature’s Mist.

Nature’s Mist combines two unique treatment solutions to deliver optimal odor-free environments.

The first part involves a proprietary liquid solution consisting of more than two dozen plant extracts that neutralize—not cover up—tobacco odor. Each molecule of Nature’s Mist liquid bonds with odor molecules to neutralize even the most pungent odors (smoke, body odor, food odor, vomit, urine, mildew, etc.) The system’s second component involves an atomizing sprayer that puts out thousands of microscopic pressurized droplets, allowing the Nature’s Mist compound to reach hidden areas such as mattresses, pillows, bedspreads, heating and cooling ducts and acoustic ceilings. Just 1 gallon of Nature’s Mist can deodorize up to 200 guestrooms.

“No chemicals are involved,” Burger said. “Nature’s Mist is a safe, two-component natural deodorization process with no ozone, enzymes, toxins or masking agents. It’s not a fragrance. It’s a true deodorizer because it neutralizes, not masks, tobacco and all other odors on the spot. Nature’s Mist creates a room without any odor, just freshness.”

Nature’s Mist might take 10 to 30 minutes to deodorize a room (typically 15 minutes), depending on room size and odors. After spraying, a pleasant forest-like fragrance might remain for 20 minutes, before the room simply becomes fresh without any odor. By spraying guestrooms every four months, rooms can be touched up every four to six weeks within just four minutes, Burger said.
Smell the Difference Yourself!

A recent travel study found that more than half of all guests preferring non-smoking rooms would rather switch hotels than occupy a “smoking room.” In fact, today so many properties use Nature’s Mist that Green Suites International recently launched a Web site with the domain that helps travelers identify hotels willing to guarantee non-smoking rooms to their guests.
Among the more than 1,200 satisfied hotels using Nature’s Mist is one Chicago hotel that said it maintains an inventory of 80 percent smoke-free rooms (average for the industry), but now can guarantee that every guest requesting one will get just such a room. Any time the demand for smoke-free rooms exceeds supply; property managers at Chicago’s Lenox Suites Hotel take a few minutes to convert the required number of smoking rooms to non-smoking with Nature’s Mist.
“Our hotel recently began GUARANTEEING non-smoking rooms vs. the lodging industry practice of allowing the guest to only request a non-smoking room,” said Stephen Blackford, Assistant Executive Manager of Lenox Suites Hotel. “Leaving guests uncertain as to the type of accommodation they will receive until the time of registration is no longer an acceptable level of service.”

Mark Bethea, Director of Housekeeping at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel & Towers, said Nature’s Mist is far superior to traditional ozone systems in time savings, health safety and overall product effectiveness. Timothy Walker, Regional Director of Operations for Innkeepers Hospitality, said the company’s properties receive increasing requests for non-smoking rooms and has been able to accommodate these AND bolster guest’s odor-free ratings at the same time, thanks to Nature’s Mist.
“There is nothing worse than opening the door to your hotel room for the first time and instantly being overcome by the stale stank odor of smoke. Even smokers dislike it. Talk about a first impression,” said Mr. Jan McCormick, VP of Operations for Noble House Hotels, Resorts & Hideaways.

“Ozone machines take forever, there are safety issues and it’s one room at a time,” he said. “With Nature’s Mist, you can safely convert 10 to 12 smoke-scented rooms in the same amount of time, and it doesn’t leave that ozone smell behind. I have been using the product for years now. I am sold.”

The Newport, R.I., Naval Station, is home to the state’s largest hotel, in excess of 1,000 guestrooms — and Housing Manager Dave Mower said Green Suites International’s Nature’s Mist arms his staff not only to combat all types of room odors, but also helps them prepare for ‘white glove inspections’ in record time. While demonstrating the capabilities of Nature’s Mist to housekeepers, Mower recently put the deodorizer to yet another test and tried to “sweeten up a room’s lint-laden exhaust vent,” — and Nature’s Mist came through with flying colors, he said.

“As soon as I applied the high-pressure Nature’s Mist to the linty exhaust vent, I knew I had discovered a fantastic news use for this miracle machine,” Mower said. “For years we have been struggling with the problem of cleaning these vents, often taking 15 minutes per room to accomplish a fast half-cleanup job. But now, we can clean the vents in just one minute, plus a couple of minutes to vacuum up all of the lint chunks from all around the bathroom.”

Pat Baird, Executive Housekeeper at The Peabody Orlando, an 891-room four-star full-service hotel, said Nature’s Mist is the one-of-kind deodorization system she has been searching for — the Holy Grail of housekeeping so to speak.

“When the GM brought me a newspaper article touting the benefits Nature’s Mist, naturally I was a little skeptical because I had heard similar claims by companies other than Green Suites International and had tried literally dozens of products to little no avail,” Baird. “But I decided to give Nature’s Mist a try and we have been using it ever since.

“Only Nature’s Mist can give you that truly fresh, clean smelling room,” Baird said. “A few products on the market might do almost as good a job initially, but they cost more, take longer to apply, don’t last nearly as long and usually leave a floral, lemon or other scent — which to some, particularly those with allergies, can be equally as offensive as tobacco smoke.”

Baird said Nature’s Mist isn’t just for guestrooms. It works all over a property.
“We had one client who asked us if we could freshen up a room in which we had just held a cocktail reception so he could host an early morning meeting,” Baird said. “The next day, the client’s assistant called me, saying he was so pleased that he just had to find out what we were using.

“I think Nature’s Mist is a natural for almost anywhere — be it a budget, mid-market or upscale hotel guestroom, small or large meeting room/banquet hall, or office building or residence,” she said.

Thanks to Nature’s Mist, The Peabody Orlando recently was able to convert an entire floor of “smoking rooms” to clean, fresh “non-smoking rooms.”
“Fewer and fewer guests are requesting ‘smoking rooms’ these days, but Nature’s Mist gives us the flexibility either way — a unique ability to accommodate all preferences and populations quickly and cost effectively,” Baird said. “And this isn’t just about smoking rooms. Nature’s Mist neutralizes all unpleasant odors, giving us a nose-up on the competition.”

Based in Upland, Calif., Green Suites International assists hotels by developing solutions that are profitable to hotels and image enhancing to the more than 43 million environmental travelers in the United States. Solutions include natural amenities delivered from elegant dispensers, non-toxic cleaners, air and water filtration systems and energy and water efficient products. Facilities reaping the benefits of Green Suites’ solutions include properties from every state and 12 different countries. For more information on Green Suites International, its Nature’s MistTM Deodorizer as well as other profitable environmental solutions, please contact Ray Burger, Green Suites, VP Sales & Marketing, at 888-590-2285, e-mail, or visit