Hotels Increase Net Profit 10% At Zero Cost


• They want to compare hotels, find the very best value-for-money, get in touch with the selected hotel(s) directly, and they want to do all that via the Internet.

• They hate having to leave their address and credit card details all over the Web

• It is a myth travellers are only interested in finding the lowest price.
Business and leisure travellers using the Internet say they do want to pay the price as long as they get value-for-money.

• Travellers are not interested in seeing pictures of the lobby and of the largest suite. They want to know what earlier guests had to say. Testimonials turned out to be mission critical in their selection process.


On travellers can compare, at-a-single-glance all available hotels at a selected destination, consult real testimonials, and simply click through to the hotelier of choice, without ever having to know the e-mail or web site address of the 60,000+ better hotels on this planet.

• Via the traveller now deals directly with the hotelier who deals directly with the traveller, which is exactly what they both wanted to achieve on the Internet.

You face an already well-informed prospect, which means faster and cheaper bookings. Travellers want to hear directly from the hotelier, almost by return, whether or not they will have a bed upon arrival. Agents do not guarantee anything.

• At a single glance travellers see who offers what and who does not at a selected destination. Up to 15 criteria include hotel chain preference, wheelchair access, air-conditioning, babysitting, in-room dataport, secure parking, meeting facilities, and more. Room rates are comparable in any of the 100+ available currencies.

• Testimonials show up as angel or devil stories next to each hotel. All testimonials are date-stamped and signed with the sender's e-mail address.
Angel Stories are posted online immediately. Devil stories go first to the hotelier, hoping he/she will take care of a not so satisfied customer, and turn a little devil into a little angel story, for the world to see.

• Clicking on a hotel name shows (always updated) information on accommodation and services, special promotions, itinerary and even GPS details.

• If they like what they see, travellers simply click through to the hotel, without ever needing to know the correct spelling of 60,000+ e-mail and web site addresses.


You may neither have the budget nor the people to move your business to the Internet.
With you can achieve this at zero cost, and do not even need to invest in your own web site. All you need is an e-mail address.

Today 300+ million business travellers and holidaymakers are searching for you on the Internet.
Make sure they can find you, and register with online today.
It is free, as in nothing to pay.

Go to, click on the button [hoteliers click here] and you will find the registration template. It takes only a few minutes depending on how much detail you want to show.
You can update your information 24/7/365, and save a bundle on always obsolete brochures.


Said Herman Thuy, founder & president: 'If travellers do not click on your hotel, YOU are to blame. We bring already well-informed travellers to your reception desk or central reservation system, and that is exactly what we want to get paid for.'

To enable click-through from to their own e-mailbox and/or web site, hoteliers pay a small yearly fee, equivalent to ten times the hotel's single room rate.

Without click-through, travellers can still contact you via phone or fax. They do prefer click-through via the Internet. Chain hotels earn important discounts when registering all members.

Said Herman Thuy: ' Our offer not only levels the playing field for hotels big and small worldwide, but also is extraordinary cheap compared to the huge amounts of money hoteliers pay over a one year period to travel agents, they no longer need. Smart hoteliers pocket these 10% immediately and go smiling to the bank.'

About is headquartered in France, operates internationally via its own intranet, and runs on powerful servers on the East coast of the USA, right on the backbone of the Internet.

Herman Thuy created and founded after 30+ years of experience in top management positions with market-leading US corporations in Europe.
He holds a Master's degree in Applied Economics and in Business Engineering, speaks five languages, and coined the famous phrase ' Salespeople should not sell (TM) '.

To see the power of in a nutshell, go to , visit as a traveller, click on the button [Let's find you a bed], select country [France] then city [Orleans] and click on [search]. To see the benefits and value-for-money offers YOU, go to

Contact: Herman A. Thuy (pronounce 2-E)
+33 608 821 623 (Paris time, EST+6)