Knowland to Provide INSIGHT to Over 400 Preferred Hotels Group Member Properties

The Knowland Group announced today that the Preferred Hotel Group has signed up to offer INSIGHT to their properties worldwide.

Knowland's latest product, INSIGHT has attracted the attention of one of the world's top luxury hotel groups. In addition to utilizing the tools within the national sales office, Preferred has chosen to offer Knowland products and tools to individual member properties, including Knowland's newest product offering: INSIGHT. 'We are excited to be working with Preferred Hotels world-wide!' Said Michael K McKean, Knowland's CEO, 'INSIGHT is the perfect fit for such a geographically diverse collection of properties, offering access to data on tens of thousands of organizations with past group bookings in similar properties.'

INSIGHT is a revolutionary, simple and easy to use tool designed to dramatically alter the way sales managers find new group business. The new breakthrough application features the world's largest database of group events combined with the ease of a Google powered search engine, the latest in satellite mapping technology, and a commission based telesales team. This product gives sales managers a bird's eye view of hundreds of thousands of events and groups every day, across every hotel brand, type, and size.

Over 400 Preferred properties span across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, rapidly establishing the brand as a global power within the hospitality industry. The cutting edge technology, innovation, and the potential to differentiate evident in INSIGHT are consistent with the services that Preferred provides to it family of independent luxury hotels and resorts, so Craig Jacobs and Preferred were eager to implement Knowland technology. 'The combination of breakthrough technology and an expansive group database will enable our national sales managers to spend less time searching for group leads, and more time closing new group business!'

About The Knowland Group
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