Top Ten Marketing Ideas To Consider in 2008

Here are the key ideas you should consider.

Time to Green
A “green” plan is no longer a luxury. Every day, another venerable brand commits to a sustainable future. While there is much “green washing,” rating services like B Corporation will set standards that will have major corporations fighting to prove their green. As GE announces billions in green-related sales, and BP fends off bad eco-press, you may find a new seat in the boardroom, the CGO (Chief Green Officer).

The Great Outdoors
This year's surprise was the rebound of out-of-home advertising, which grew faster than any channel except the Internet. Outdoor reinvented itself as a technology-rich means of engaging, entertaining and educating commuters. Mini Cooper tested RFID-activated billboards with personalized messages aimed at drivers-by, a customized approach that linked “old” (outdoor) with “new” (online), transforming an integrated media platform into a cult-building club.

“Narrowcasting” video networks continue to sprout, enabling marketers to put their messages in front of selective targets – from health clubbers and deli shoppers (Captive Audience), to moviegoers (IdeaCast), pet owners (SeeSaw Networks), and elevator riders (Captivate Network). Innovations like these will drive out-of-home to new heights.

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Source – Chief Marketer