Marriott Launches Integrated Global Advertising Campaign

'We wanted to create a motivating and highly relevant campaign that stands out clearly against the more traditional product-led approach to business advertising,' said Belinda Pote, senior vice president of international brand marketing. 'We chose 'dance' as the vehicle because of its inherent synchronicity, visual appeal and the fact that every country has its own cultural variations. The campaign speaks to our achievement-driven business travelers across the globe in a language that allows us to portray the diversity of our Marriott hotel offering and demonstrate how our hotels work in perfect harmony to support the needs of these travelers.

'We recognize that conducting business on a global stage is hard. These 24/7 achievers can't perform at their peak if they have to spend time and energy adjusting to new places, new people and new cultures. Our Marriott hotels and staff are focused on making it easier for these achievers to concentrate of performing at their best all the time. We are confident that travelers will relate to our message.'

The progressive campaign includes commercials on media outlets such as CNN en Espanol, Bloomberg, Al Jezeerah, France 24, Discovery and in-flight television channels aboard airlines including Air China, Lufthansa, LAN, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, and Japan Air Lines. Additionally, the campaign includes on-line advertising, traditional print placements in publications like the Economist and outdoor and airline terminal media.

'Through this campaign, our goal is to build a rational and emotional tie with the global business travelers. We are talking to them in places where they most likely to be &#8722, in hotel rooms, on airplanes, in airports. And, through this performance metaphor, we are saying that although business styles differ from country to country, you should enjoy the same effortless experience wherever you are,' said Ms. Pote.

Marriott International's full-service, upscale, deluxe Marriott hotel brand is targeted at 24/7 achievers who recognize the realities of business travel. They know business travel can take a toll and their hotel choice to help them accomplish as much as humanly possible during their stay.

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