Knowland Signs 700th Client, Less Than Two Months After Signing Number 600

The Knowland Group announced today the signing of their 700th client earlier this month, signaling what may be a tipping point in hospitality sales and marketing services worldwide.

'At Knowland, we recognize that the international hospitality industry needs both cutting-edge technology and superb, committed service,' The Knowland Group's CEO Michael K. McKean said. 'With our dedication to both people and technology, we feel we have the best tools in the industry to help our clients prosper. We are honored to be a part of the success of so many hospitality industry leaders.'

A cornerstone of Knowland's products and services is INSIGHT, a powerful yet easy-to-use application that combines Google's intuitive searching and mapping capabilities with the world's largest database of group events. This paired with Knowland's signature READERS 2.0 hotel reader board service gives hospitality industry professionals in over 70 markets worldwide all the lead-generating tools they need to grow their business.

Innovation is at the core of Knowland's business philosophy, so as technology grows and improves, Knowland adds additional features and tools to its existing products and services, and constantly works to develop new applications to improve the competitive advantage of its clients. That said, a signature of Knowland's products is how easy and intuitive they are to use. This may be one reason why the international market is embracing Knowland's suite of services.

As new clients sign on in record numbers around the world, it is becoming clear that The Knowland Group is setting the standard for how the hospitality industry generates its business. 'We are excited about moving into new markets, and will continue to look at ways in which we can bring even more value to our customers around the globe,' McKean said.

About The Knowland Group
Headquartered in Salisbury, MD, the Knowland Group is a premier provider of sales and marketing products and services to the hospitality industry, world wide. Poised as a leader in the industry, Knowland stands a cut above the rest in over 70 markets within the United States, Canada and beyond. Single minded in its goal to add client value, Knowland is a proven innovator, consistently striving to develop market changing products and services. For more information, visit or call 888.841.2289