How can you drill into CRM opportunities throughout your travel company?

It seems that many companies still neglect the fact that a planned and integrated approach is vital to CRM success as single, stand-alone initiatives simply cannot achieve the same level of success. So do you really know where CRM fits in your company and who is responsible for managing whole CRM process?

The most common approach is or to have CRM department (big and medium companies) or to have one person responsible for all customer loyalty activities (small companies). But the real key to success is to build cross functional team that would be able to make quick but informed decisions on everything, like for example on cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. True CRM brings together information from all data sources within the organization to give one, holistic of each customer in real time, so people working in such area as marketing, sales, customer support need to ensure smooth flow of information. Such full integration can turn out to be very challenging but as it costs 4-6 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one, it is definitely in your company's interest to ensure that your CRM initiatives work.

Consistency is also vital when it comes to implementing service culture training at all levels of the company. If you want to create the right environment to deliver brand promise you need to consistently deliver 'on brand' across all customer touch points, regardless the channel.

So how do you train your employees to provide a distinct service, in keeping with your brand promise? Do empower front-desk employees to make good company decisions that also benefit customers?

All these issues will be discussed at upcoming EyeforTravel's CRM in Travel event that will be held on 29-30 January in New Orleans. The implementation of the winning CRM strategy, the best eCRM initiatives, the reality of delivering brand promise, utilizing user generated content, these and many other burning topics will be covered in depth. This event will also give you the detailed insight needed to build robust and workable loyalty programs. According to Forrester Research 80% of online bookers belong to a travel loyalty scheme and more than 60% belong to a supplier sponsored program, so having a successful loyalty program is a must for most of companies nowadays. To request a PDF brochure click here: This event brings more than 20 speakers from such companies as Wyndham, Starwood, Jupiter Research, Midwest Airlines, Travelocity, Intrawest, The Ritz Carlton, Intrasight, Harrah's Entertainment, and Sol Melia that will be discussing how utilize CRM effectively to develop their customer relationships. Please click here for more information: .

Note that the early bird offer runs out on 28th December!

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