The Knowland Group Improves Breakthrough READERS Service

The world's leader in hotel group intelligence products and services has just made it even easier to stay on top of the ever-growing group sales competition. The Knowland Group is rolling out a series of improvements to its READERS 2.0 technology, which is already the country's largest hotel reader board service.

With READERS 2.0, hoteliers and sales managers can already track the daily business activities of their competitors, receive detailed sales leads, and have access to historical data in their chosen markets. Now, users will be able to search through hundreds of hotels by the market of their choosing, and will be able to view the average number of daily events and the average number of square feet of meeting space used for each hotel. Users can also now add and remove hotels from their competitive set reports on the fly based on their searches, and have the freedom to schedule the delivery days for their competitive set reports. In addition, hoteliers will be able to manage their own system users.

Previously, READERS 2.0 users would contact their assigned Knowland Group client care specialist when they needed to make changes in their competitive set, alter details about system users, or make any changes to the way their information was delivered.

'We respect the fact that our clients understand their own business better than anyone else,' The Knowland Group's CEO Michael K. McKean said. 'We believe that these improvements will give hoteliers and sales managers the ability to be even more creative and flexible in the way they create new group business. Our clients now have the opportunity to become more active partners in crafting the specific tools and reports that are exactly right for their own markets, and that's exciting!'

About The Knowland Group
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