Did someone light up in one of your non-smoking rooms?

Titanium Systems, LLC today announced the release of their new product Room Shocker to the lodging industry. According to a Wall Street Journal article published on February 21, 2008, hotels are spending up to $1000 or more to clean up a non-smoking room that has been violated by a smoker, due to the increasing sensitivity of non-smokers. Room Shocker is offered at $21.95 for one, with quantity discounts available.

Room Shocker consists of a packet of ingredients and a disposable plastic cup. The room is prepared by simply closing the HVAC vents and covering the return air vent with ordinary plastic food wrap. Then, the packet of chemicals is placed in the cup with 1/4 inch of warm tap water. The user exits the room, closes the door, and Room Shocker begins to emit chlorine dioxide vapor, which oxidizes all organic odor compounds. This includes cigarette smoke residue deep in fabrics, upholstery and on all surfaces of the room. In about 4 hours, the user re-enters the room and ventilates it for about one hour. In about 5 hours, the room is ready for the most fastidious guest. Room Shocker is also very effective in controlling odors from mold, mildew, pet accidents, food waste and bathroom odors.

One Room Shocker will deodorize a room up to 500 square feet. For larger rooms and suits two or more may be used as needed. It is safe when used as directed, and is an EPA registered disinfectant Reg. No. 72874-6.

Room Shocker can be seen on the company's web site at www.titaniumsystemsllc.com and may be ordered directly from Titanium Systems at 800-338-2820 or 813-643-9862.