RedRock Software to offer Software as a Service (SaaS) model of its Supply Chain Management System through PAS

RedRock Software, a leading provider of Supply Chain Management software systems for the Hospitality/Gaming Industry, partners with PAS to release Software as a Service (SaaS) model in July 2009.

The RedRock solution is a web-based, enterprise system, which provides full ‘source to pay’ functionality for single and multi-property operators of hotels, casinos, resorts, and restaurants. The system provides Strategic Sourcing, E-procurement, Materials Management, Capital Project Accounting, and Food Cost Analysis, all in a single integrated solution. The RedRock team has deep roots in Hospitality/Gaming Purchasing Management, Inventory Control, and Food & Beverage Management.

RedRock customers will benefit greatly from the SaaS model through reduced upfront costs, faster implementations, reduced hardware and IT infrastructure costs, and greatly enhanced support.

According to Ron Dressin, the CEO of RedRock Software, ‘we understand that these are tough times, and that while operators understand the benefits of a modern Supply Chain Management System, they are looking for ways to reduce costs, and the SaaS model offers that.’ When asked why RedRock turned to a third party for delivery, Ron explained ‘PAS offers a level of proven infrastructure that we simply could not duplicate. pasHosting and pasUnity give us the ability to quickly provide the RedRock system on a SaaS platform, with a best-in-class infrastructure and minimal upfront costs. Not only do our customers benefit from the SaaS model, but RedRock itself benefits through reduced platform complexity, reduced operational costs and improved development and support processes. PAS provides everything we need for a successful and immediate SaaS model, which allows us to concentrate on improving our application and providing our customers with the best possible service’

pasHosting provides all the elements required of a premier SaaS infrastructure: a certified combination of a SAS70 compliant Data Center, Best-in-Class Servers, Global Tier-1 IP Backbone, with 24/7 monitoring, administration and support. The PAS offering also includes multiple levels of environments for the vendor, including development, staging, and production. Additionally, PAS will leverage its pasUnity product for integration of RedRock Software to virtually any external back office application. pasUnity provides RedRock with an industry compliant web service interface, so that customers will experience a seemless integration into the SaaS model.

According to Bill Euler, CEO of PAS, ‘ SaaS is much more than web based software and subscription fees. It is about offering the best technology, running the best applications, and integrating them into the customer’s operations; seamlessly and with reduced costs.’

About RedRock
RedRock Software, located in Las Vegas, NV., provides full function Supply Chain Management systems for the hospitality industry. RedRock’s system is a Web-based, enterprise system, providing full source-to-pay functionality for single and multi-property hospitality operators. The system is accessed via user-based portals, customized for each user. It is composed of sourcing, procurement management, inventory management, food cost analysis, and capital project accounting. More information about RedRock Software can be provided by contacting Ron Dressin at 702.204.9087 or by visiting us at

About PAS
A leading provider of customized technology and back office solutions for the hospitality industry, PAS offers a full range of hosting, integration tools, and applications. PAS boasts the unique blend of certified public accountants, technology and development professionals with a certified infrastructure and the in-depth experience in the hospitality industry. More information about PAS can be provided by contacting David Ortlipp at 1.301.752.8208 x 262 or by visiting us at