Road Warriors Receive New Weapon with Tripware

Tripware, a new travel service launched last month, offers business travelers the ability to book trips directly in Microsoft Outlook via an innovative plug-in dubbed Tripware OutBook. Tripware OutBook allows travelers to plan, book, and manage their own business trips directly in Outlook 2007 without the need to surf websites, reenter preferences, or talk to a travel agent.

Tripware, a new travel service for self-serve business travelers, provides a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007 that enables travelers to handle all their business trip needs directly in Microsoft Outlook. The plug-in, named Tripware OutBook, can be downloaded at The plug-in connects to a traveler’s online travel portfolio that stores flight, hotel, car, and scheduling preferences. Using the time, date and location information already entered into a business meeting, Tripware OutBook can book a trip and embed the itinerary in Microsoft Outlook within three minutes or less.

The CEO and President of Tripware, Clark C. Rines, sums up Tripware OutBook as, ‘I can book a complete itinerary in less than 3 minutes, know that I am getting what I want because the system knows me personally and when the payment is made, all of my corresponding frequent flyer, rental and stay numbers are sent to the appropriate vendors automatically. I don’t even have to worry about typing in a credit card when I pay. This same system automatically puts my itinerary into my Outlook calendar along with maps and weather, keeps me apprised of trip events prior to and during my travels and even helps me do my expense report when I get back. This is so quick and easy, I no longer pay an assistant to book my trips.’

Thousands of business folks have visited already, including travel writer Jay Hammond, who remarked ‘Based on an unscientific comparison with other online travel services, Tripware holds up well. Prices are comparable to those on Travelocity and Expedia, at least for the trips this writer checked. Choices were also similar although Tripware was the only one that displayed options according to my stated preferences.’

Tripware’s VP of Marketing, Dean M. Wright, states, ‘Other than Tripware, there are no other products on the market that offer full integration with Microsoft Outlook 2007. Tripware OutBook focuses solely on the business traveler. Therefore, we offer premier U.S. based carriers that cater to business travelers. With Tripware’s international booking coming online later this year, premier airlines such as American, Delta, and United will allow our customers to travel to dozens of top international business destinations.’

For the road warrior who doesn’t use Microsoft Outlook 2007, Tripware offers a desktop application called Tripware Travel Center that includes many of the same features as Tripware OutBook. No matter which Tripware offering the road warrior uses, they have a new weapon to help them leave faster, travel better, and return sooner.

For additional information on Tripware, email or visit Tripware is a trademark of Remotian Systems, Inc. Microsoft (R) and Microsoft Outlook (R) are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Air Lines are all registered trademarks of their respective companies.

About Tripware
Tripware is a travel service for people who plan, book, and manage their own business trips. The novel aspect of Tripware is that the entire trip process can be done right from Microsoft Outlook. Tripware focuses on automating business travel as much as possible. Tripware also offers a desktop application for use outside business calendars. Tripware has value-added features such as complete itineraries, notifications/alerts, rewards program tracking, and expense reporting. By implementing its patent pending technology, Behavioral Travel Management, Tripware allows business travelers to leave the office faster, travel better, and come home sooner. Founded in 2007, Tripware is headquartered in Mesa, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. Tripware is owned by Remotian Systems, Inc.

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