Through the Eyes of a Hotel Butler: The Meaning of the Lived Experience As a Point of Remembrance in the Guest Memory – By Osvaldo Torres Cruz

The new trend in differentiating the hotel industry today is the design of positive holistic experiences, achieving the emotional involvement of guests through the offered services, meaning that these will be generators of emotions and positive feelings.

The meaning of the experience of a guest during his stay in the Hotel was registered in his memory and will be linked with the engine of his behavior, thus influencing his conduct and future decision-making e.g.:

If a guest is going to dine at the Hotel Restaurant and finds that the service is not at the height of his expectations level, he might feel awkward and uncomfortable and perhaps he will never come back, why? … Because feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration were registered in his memory.

The generation of the meaning of an experience will be related to the creation of values and memory points into the guest mind. However, how can we attain that the guest gets a significant experience?

The objective of the trip is a key element in the analysis of the meaning and impact of the experience. It is necessary to know the same for identify, prioritize and tailor services through which the experience is going to be lived.

E.g.: For a guest of business services, such as the secretarial assistance with his work, assistance with his clothes, awake personalized, etc, these are services operating in the design of an experience of great value or impact because they will be in correspondence with guest’s rational needs, remaining then just the generation of emotional values through these services to contribute greatly to the maximization of the meaning of the experience and hence the creation of points of remembrance in memory of guest.

On the contrary guests who come for leisure: services that offer pleasure, gratification and welfare as: services offered in a Spa, advice on shopping, guidance on places of recreation and leisure (cinemas, theaters, restaurants etc.) will be without a doubt paths of generation of positive emotions, influencing the value and emotional significance of the experience.

On the other hand, in creating links between the memory of guest and the meaning of the experience, influence the decisive events in the life of host: anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, celebrations, etc. These events have already a character of sustainability in the minds of any human being; we all remember and celebrate the date of our birthday or anniversary.

If the celebration of the event occurs at the Hotel, we must ensure that be lived as a holistic experience, impossible to repeat outside the context where it occurred, so each time the guest remembers the event, this thought will be linked to the place and manner in which was celebrated, making this way loyalty to the memory of the event.

E.g.: The guest feels his marriage party performed at the Hotel as a unique and unforgettable experience. Each year over he will remember not only the event but also de experienced lived and hence the place where the event took place.

Faithfulness should be targeted toward the loyalty of the memory of the guest, which makes him always remember the experience and decides return for more, achieving sound and perennial relations between the Hotel and the guest.

Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Hotel Butler