Through the Eyes of a Hotel Butler: The Empathy in Customized Services – By Osvaldo Torres Cruz

The new differential trend in the present Hotel Services is to achieve the emotional guest involvement by means of the services offered; that is to say, that the services be a source of positive guests feelings and emotions, obtaining not only his rational but also his emotional satisfaction.

To this end services acquire a new character, the emotional, by adding emotional components to the services and the relations established by them, gaining this way, not only the guest rational satisfaction but also the emotional one.

These emotional components, planned and intentionally added mostly become the differential factors par excellence of the XXI century.

The executers of the personalized service thus acquire a new function, to discover, understand and use the inner world of each guest, later introducing adequate behaviors responding to this guest world. However, to add emotional factors should not only mean kind people smiling nicely, with criteria and good faith, but to develop EMPATHY, stimulating the guest to open the doors of his emotional world.

Empathy in service is a way to listen to the guest and to understand his desires and motivations, thus anticipating his needs even before he is aware of them. It also allows us to identify and take advantage of opportunities offered by guests to get to communicate with them.

The Hotel Butler as executer of personalized service should develop the intellectual ability to be aware of the feelings of the guest he is presently assisting. Afterwards, this will lead to a better understanding of the guest behavior or his way to make decisions. The Butler should also build up an ability to understand the needs, feelings and problems of the other people, by putting himself in their shoes, answering in the proper way to their emotional reactions.

The motivator of the personalized service whoever he might be, must offer full availability to the guest, leaving aside his own worries, feelings and personal thoughts not involving the guest, offering him his undivided attention. It is about providing a first rate quality of a relationship based on a non-committal listening focused in duly understanding of the feelings and fundamental needs of the guest.

Empathy is crucial to accomplish an adequate interaction-communication with the guest. Empathy creates a long lasting value between Hotel and guest as he gets to feel understood, and also arising in him the conviction that he made the best choice.

Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Hotel Butler