7 things I hate about posh hotels

Sneaky charges, astonishing rip-offs and snooty, intrusive staff – all standard issue at posh hotels. Enough is enough, says Matt Rudd

How did we get to this? How did it become acceptable for hotels to get away with all this without us complaining? Why do we fail to bat an eyelid? We’re the guests. We’re the paying customers. And, until Ryanair opens its first hotel, we should be afforded some respect. Here are the practices widespread in the hotel industry that need to change. If they don’t, we’ll revolt. Or, at the very least, we’ll fill out a customer-satisfaction form in a slightly negative way.

The quote

‘I can give you our best-preferred, direct-booking, special-value, super-club room deal of just £225 a night, sir. Room only?’ Well, it is our fifth wedding anniversary, so go on, then. Scroll forward to the paying bit: ‘That will be £264.37 a night. Plus incidentals.’ Yes, the killer 17.5% Vat.

Posh hotels, like dodgy builders, have got into the habit of quoting without including it. Why? They claim it’s because foreign guests can claim the Vat back. So let the foreigners subtract, like they have to for every other purchase. Or are you saying foreigners can’t do basic maths?

New rule: tell us the full cost upfront, just like airlines now have to.

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Source – TimesOnline