Partnership Delivers Interactive Content Convergence

TripTelevision and PlanetEye, Inc. announced a partnership to combine TripTelevision’s High Definition (HD) quality, professional videos, technology, and marketing services with PlanetEye’s mapping, technology and geo-tagged content for the travel industry.

The combined offering is the first time that videos, still photography and maps are combined using geo-tagging in a single, integrated platform. Travel marketers can now engage consumers with detailed city guides, travel maps and reviews, supported by inspirational videos.

“Our partnership with PlanetEye provides our customers with a great tool to help organize and create context for consumers who are researching and buying travel. We know from our experience that consumers are interested in viewing content that is geographically related to their accommodations, activities or destination,” said Kulin Strimbu, Founder and CEO of TripTelevision. “PlanetEye’s focus on quality and technical innovation made them an ideal partner for us.”

The partnership leverages the convergence of content and medium that is driving the way consumers interact with content today. Both companies bring innovative and proprietary technologies that work seamlessly, enabling quick and easy integration.

“The ability to provide High Definition quality professionally shot video’s to our clients in the hospitality space is essential,” commented Jonah Sigel, President & CEO of PlanetEye. “TripTelevision allows us to provide a reasonably priced solution to our growing number of clients who are looking for an exceptional user experience for their websites and or mobile devices,”

About TripTelevision
Based in Denver and Vancouver, TripTelevision continues to set the bench mark in how travel marketers leverage video to engage and inspire consumers. The company is at the forefront of convergence in High Definition (HD) video, technology and web platforms to help clients leverage and monetize video content. TripTelevision’s award winning ‘smart’ video technologies offer solutions that are unique in the industry. The company advocated the use of video to create experiential messages to increase online viewership, retention, and sales as the key to a successful video strategy.

About PlanetEye
Founded in 2006 in Toronto, PlanetEye is an advanced content platform specialized in the travel space that was born out of Microsoft Research. Its clustering and visualization techniques allow for the retrieval of large volumes of content in any given region of the world, with a single, efficient query. In tandem with its team of travel writers and large database of points of interest, PlanetEye enables clients to create engaging travel websites.

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