Through The Eyes Of A Hotel Butler: Hotel Butler Service: The Best Service Ever Conceived Before? – By Osvaldo Torres Cruz

The Hospitability industry market is one of the fastest growing segments nowadays and thus one of the most competitive which results in the Hotels constantly seeking differentiation strategies that will help to attract and retain the loyalty of the power of election of the market segments aimed to.

Some hotels have visualized the importance of achieving a higher level in the added value of the services they offer, and have decided to implement the position of Hotel Butler, which  is undoubtedly the maker par excellence of the guest’s positive holistic experiences and thus making these hotels prepared to deal with the new battle front of the hotel market: the designing and sell of experiences.
However, in some Hotels the Butler position is misunderstood or misused, so that the purpose of this article is the analysis of four steps to be undertaken to achieve the maximum performance and operational effectiveness of his task:
Step 1: The Positioning
Unfortunately, on many occasions the position of Hotel Butler is not well understood by the rest of the departments of the Hotel and this creates gaps in the operational efficiency of the job. The Hotel Butler is the closest link of the most important part of the chain, i.e. the guest. It is the position that bears the nearest proximity to the guests because of the close links and relations established while assisting them and carrying out their requests, on the other hand it lets the Butler to be aware of their rational and emotional world thus adjusting all services to their needs and achieving total satisfaction.
 The butler is the best link between the guests and the other areas of the Hotel and vice versa, so he needs the support and recognition of all the Hotel Staff.  Being one of the best suppliers of valuable information about the guests, he will get the other areas committed to provide whole services of excellence.
Step 2: The Tools
The Hotel must provide the Butler all the tools, theoretical and operational, needed to get the better performance of his task: to obtain data from guests and use this information to design and manage unforgettable experiences.
The Butler must have access to all kinds of information sources about the guests before, during and after their stay at the Hotel, so that any eventuality or news regarding the assistance of guests in any sector of the Hotel, must be known by the Butler as he is the person in charge of creating the final Profile of the guests he assisted during their stay.
Step 3:  The Empowerment
The Hotel Butler must have the necessary empowerment in order to make decisions depicting a better optimization of processes and operations. The Hotel Butler is who better gets to know the guests, and he can assess what and how to apply the right way to arise the precise effect at the right time, such as in solving unsatisfactory feelings and overturning negativities.
Step 4: The Space and Time.
The Butler should be only given tasks and responsibilities which permit him to establish the largest number of points of contact with the guests, becoming moments of opportunity to set the links and relations so needed to meet their rational and emotional desires.
Once all these 4 steps have made, the Hotel Butler could result in the maximum efficiency and value of the position, leading to render the best service ever conceived before.
Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Hotel Butler