RateGain and Revenue by Design Publish ‘The 2011 Hotel Social Media Monitor’

Publication aims to track ongoing adoption of social media and identify industry best practice across the hotel industry.

RateGain and Revenue by Design today launched the first Hotel Social Media Monitor, a study that aims to track ongoing adoption of social media by hotels and identify industry best practice in social media and mobile technology platforms. This is the first in a projected regular series of reports. Over time, results from the Social Media Monitor will provide hotels with a tool to evaluate progress, and to identify and address industry-specific challenges.
The survey highlights some of key shortcomings to date in hotel adoption of social media and general readiness for new platforms such as mobile technology. “There’s evidence of a great deal of experimenting, with hotels trying to identify where to pitch social media, what level of effort and investment to put behind it, and often struggling with who should take responsibility” said Ally Dombey, editor of the report and director of Revenue by Design.
Results point to hotels starting to make a more considered investment in social media following a more tactical project-by-project approach in 2010. Hotels will also focus more on developing a forward-looking social media strategy in 2011, and for those companies with more experience, a greater focus on measurement of campaign success leading to return on investment in those campaigns.
Brand reputation and management of customer reviews also features high on the list of areas to focus on across all survey respondents. “What is surprising is that despite over 90% of hotels seeing a need to constantly monitor customer reviews, only 13% have invested in a brand reputation reporting platform” commented Nishith Srivastava, Vice President Marketing RateGain. “As providers of one such reputation report through VisibilityGain we want to ensure that hotels are in the best position to identify relevant conversations and optimise the management of those conversation that include them”
To download a copy of the executive summary visit www.rategain.com
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