Hyatt Hotels Offer UniteHere Same Contract Deal As Hilton

At a bargaining session this morning, Hyatt Hotels Corp. offered the same four-year economics contract UniteHere Local 2 has accepted with six other San Francisco hotels, a significant step toward resolving what’s most important to our associates – wages, healthcare and retirement benefits.

Local 2 leadership has made plain from the beginning that it wants a city-wide standard for wages, healthcare and other benefits. Hyatt urges Local 2 leadership to accept this contract offer as it is the same deal the union has ratified and applauded with Hilton Hotels and the Starwood Corporation in San Francisco. Hyatt asks that Local 2 accept this comprehensive offer that includes a strong healthcare package, increased wages and enhanced retirement security.
Hyatt makes this offer seeking to end 20 months of delay and foot-dragging by Local 2 leadership. Since the summer of 2009, Hyatt has come to the table 11 times only to find that Local 2 leadership was not interested in negotiations. Instead, Local 2 chose to engage in job actions and boycotts, presenting proposals that are harmful to its members, the tourism industry and the City of San Francisco. We urge Local 2 leadership to accept our offer to take the Hilton deal, and not deprive our employees of these increased wages and benefits while it pursues a membership building agenda at non-union hotels.
Hyatt is confident that the proposal we have put on the table is more than fair and will provide our associates with enhanced benefits and long-term peace of mind. We urge Local 2’s leadership once again to focus on the needs of its own members, seriously consider this offer, and call an end to the boycotts and job actions that are harmful to all.